Cesaro lasted 32 minutes and 50 seconds inside the Elimination Chamber Sunday night but couldn’t prevail with the victory.

After going back-and-forth with Daniel Bryan, Cesaro seemed to gain the momentum when he hit Bryan with a Super Gutbuster from the top and followed it up with a Cesaro Swing. Just then, he got nailed by a superkick out of nowhere by Jey Uso, who proceeded to hit the Frogsplash on Cesaro for the pin. Bryan went onto win the match.

An emotional Cesaro took to Twitter to react to his performance.

“I’ve been driving for an hour in silence. I don’t really know what to say. So close. Thanks to everyone who believed and still does. I still do. I appreciate you. Always.”

NXT announcer Wade Barrett offered some encouraging words to Cesaro, asking the Swiss Superman to “keep buying a ticket” and not give up on his dreams.

“Keep buying a ticket, Toni. Eventually you will win.”

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