Current WWE Elimination Chamber Betting Odds

The Elimination Chamber is just a few days away and this pay-per-view will be the last of its kind in a way. With WWE's new deal with Peacock going into effect on March 18, the Elimination Chamber will be the last pay-per-view on the WWE Network before it merges with Peacock.


There are currently five matches scheduled with one of them contingent on the winner of another match. There will be an Elimination Chamber match for each brand with the Raw match being for the WWE Championship as current title holder Drew McIntyre is among the contestants. The winner of the SmackDown Chamber match will then later that night face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship.

BetOnline has the latest odds for these two Elimination Chamber matches as well as the triple threat match for the United States Championship.

In the Raw Elimination Chamber Match, Drew McIntyre is the big favorite at 1/2 which means for every $2 you wager you would win $1. BetOnline is thinking that the current WWE Champion will exit the match still as the champion which makes sense with WrestleMania 37 on the horizon. McIntyre has been engaged in a feud with Sheamus, who turned on his old friend, and Sheamus has the second-best odds at 5/2 meaning you would win $5 for every $2 you wager. AJ Styles, who came up short in Elimination Chamber matches in both 2017 and 2019, checks in with the third-best odds at 6/1.


In the SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match, there's a smaller gap between no. 1 and no. 2. Kevin Owens, who was defeated by Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match at Royal Rumble, is the favorite to have a rematch with Reigns later that night for the Universal Championship. His odds are at 4/5 which means a bet of $5 would net you $4. Cesaro is right behind him a 3/2 and he'll be competing in his first singles Elimination Chamber match since 2014. Daniel Bryan comes in with the third-best odds (9/2) and he sports a 2-2 record in chamber matches, with both wins coming when he entered the match as a champion.

In the triple threat match for the US Championship, Bobby Lashley will defend his title against Keith Lee and Riddle, assuming that Lee is able to compete as he has been suffering from some undisclosed injuries. Lashley has destroyed both Lee and Riddle in recent weeks, and he is BetOnline's favorite to emerge victorious with 4/7 odds so a $7 bet on Lashley would net you $4. Lee has the inverse odds of that at 7/4 while Riddle is a distant third with 4/1 odds. Neither Lee nor Riddle has ever held a championship on the main roster and that isn't expected to change after Elimination Chamber.


The full odds for these three matches can be seen below and come courtesy of BetOnline.

Raw Men's Elimination Chamber Winner

Drew McIntyre               1/2

Sheamus                      5/2

AJ Styles                      6/1

Randy Orton                 7/1

Kofi Kingston                40/1

Jeff Hardy                     50/1


Smackdown Men's Elimination Chamber Winner

Kevin Owens                 4/5

Cesaro                          3/2

Daniel Bryan                 9/2

Jey Uso                        10/1

Baron Corbin                 50/1

Sami Zayn                    50/1


Bobby Lashley (c) vs Keith Lee vs Riddle

Bobby Lashley              4/7

Keith Lee                      7/4

Riddle                           4/1