During a recent episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross talked about retirement and when he feels like it’s going to be time for him to hang it up. Ross said he doesn’t do anything outside of the wrestling business and it would be tough for him to leave something he’s loved for so many decades.

“Retire and do what?” Ross said. “I don’t own a gun, I don’t own a fishing pole, I don’t play golf. The wrestling business has consumed my life for the better and the worse. I don’t know what else I would do that I could be enjoying my life as much as I am enjoying it now. I don’t have any desire to hang it up or say I’m done, to do what? I love what I do and I love calling wrestling matches.”

Ross also talked about the current high flying style of wrestling and why he has an issue with it. He mentioned how talent are risking severely injuring themselves by taking more and more risks during each match.

“They put their body’s at risk unnecessarily with more accumulative moves,” Ross said. “If one hurricanrana is good, let’s just do 3. If one tope suicida is good, let’s just do 3 or 4 in a show. It’s illogical, it lessens the sizzle.”

Since his unfortunate passing, Brodie Lee has been remembered across the wrestling world by everyone including AEW during a memorial show the Wednesday after he passed. His son Brodie Lee Jr. according to JR, has become a big part of the AEW locker room and a new member of the AEW family. Ross talked about Lee’s family and son and how AEW has done a fantastic job taking care of his family.

“I’m glad that we’re taking good care of Brodie Lee’s family,” Ross said. “[Brodie Lee Jr.] is a special kid, he really is a special kid. If there ever was a youth pro wrestling savant, that’s him. He’s absolutely incredible of his knowledge, deep understanding of what’s going on, he loves it with a passion.

“It wasn’t like a big massive promotion campaign or add campaign to pat ourselves on the back. We’re just doing the right thing and this little guy is a part of our family now and I appreciate that. It’s going to be really good for him as he gets older, he knows he’s loved.”

Vince McMahon’s brother Roderick “Rod” McMahon III passed away on January 20th at the age of 77. Rod was the only sibling Vince had but was never involved in the wrestling business like Vince, his father and grandfather were. Ross talked about Vince’s relationship with his family during the podcast when the death of his step-mother in 1998 happened due to liver cancer. He said Vince never talked about his family or mentioned much about how he was raised.

“He didn’t talk a lot about his family back in the day,” Ross said. “He was sad that she passed obviously, but it wasn’t something Vince talked a lot about.

“I don’t think that was a highlight of his life, how he was raised. He didn’t talk a lot about his family and nor did we ask.”

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