Following last night’s MLW Fusion winter finale, more information has been released about the Azteca Underground angle.

Wrestling Inc. has learned that this is a long term storyline that will evolve over months very slowly, by design.

The Azteca Underground promo shown on last night’s Fusion was a viral campaign designed to be a treasure hunt to get clues on who or what is behind Azteca Underground. In the ad, there was a message that read, “Opportunities Abound For Believers,” with a website link to

One of the hints on the website shows a man who is known as “The Proprietor” – similar to the name Dario Cueto once held in Lucha Underground from 2014 until its departure in 2018. The person in the photo can’t be made out, but so far, he has been referenced on MLW television as “Jefe.”

As of this writing, Azteca Underground is the proprietor to Salina de la Renta’s Promociones Dorado. Last week, they and de la Renta tried to persuade Savio Vega to sell IWA Puerto Rico to them, but he refused, causing him to unsuccessfully challenge “The Man of 1,000 Deaths” Mil Muertes in an Aztec Jungle Fight last night.