On last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Lana and Nia Jax faced off in a tables match. Lana emerged victorious after throwing Jax into a table set up on the outside.

However, Jax was the one who viral after the match. After missing a leg drop on the apron, Jax agonized in pain and yelled out, “Ohhh my butt! Ohhh my hole!”

That has led to “MY HOLE” to trend on Twitter throughout the night and into the morning as fans shared the clip and memes from the moment. WWE have noticeably bleeped out Jax yelling “my hole” on the official YouTube clip of the match.

Jax took to Twitter the day after and acknowledged her viral moment. She thanked fans for the “HOLE lotta love” she has been receiving.

Jax tweeted, “I’ve been receiving a HOLE lotta love, much obliged #myhole”.

You can see Jax’s tweet below:

In case you missed Nia’s outburst, you can check it out below: