Photos: Custom WWE Title At Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Victory Parade

Players from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrated with their custom WWE Title belt at the Super Bowl LV victory parade in Tampa earlier today.

As noted, Triple H sent the custom WWE Title belt to the NFL Champions on Sunday. Safety Antoine Winfield Jr. had the title with him when the Bucs celebrated their big Super Bowl win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Winfield then brought the strap to the boat parade today, as seen below in the tweet from ESPN. It should be noted that ESPN's parade group photo is actually a shot of the Chiefs celebrating with their custom WWE Title after they won Super Bowl LIV in 2019. You can see Chiefs players in the photo, with the Chiefs logos on the belt. That one photo is not a current photo from today's parade.

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon responded to the tweet and congratulated the team, reminding everyone that WWE will be back at Raymond James Stadium for WrestleMania 37 in April. She also mentioned former WWE 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski, who is now with the Bucs.

"That title looks good on you @AntoineWJr11! But watch out, @RobGronkowski can show up anytime to take it from you. He is a former @WWE 24/7 champ after all! Congratulations on winning #SBLV & being the first team to win in your own stadium – see you for #WM at @RJStadium! #GoBucs," she wrote.

Triple H also tweeted and congratulated the team again.

"Looks like @AntoineWJr11 has everything (and I mean everything!) to celebrate like a #SuperBowl champion!! Congrats again to the @Buccaneers, enjoy the title! [victory hand emoji] [tumbler glass emoji]," he wrote.

The Buccaneers' Twitter account also posted a series of photos that includes a shot of Winfield bringing the belt onto a boat. You can see the photo by scrolling the embedded tweet below. Also below is a Bucs Instagram post that shows Winfield celebrating with the WWE Title on a boat.

Triple H revealed earlier this week that WWE actually had custom titles made for the Bucs and the Chiefs, that way the winning team would be able to celebrate with it on the night of their win. Up until now WWE has sent the belts to championship sports teams after their wins are officials, and you usually don't see players showing them off until victory parades days later. You can click here for Triple H's recent comments on how much the custom titles are, and the story behind WWE sending them to champion sports teams.

Below are the full posts from ESPN, Stephanie, Triple H and the Bucs:


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