Ric Flair On Sasha Banks: "She’s a working fool... She is that good"

Ric Flair recently had some thoughts about the pecking order in terms of greatness in WWE's women's division. While immediately pointing out that he thinks his daughter is the best female grappler of all time, he says she has some competition right at the top of the list.


"Charlotte, I've said it right on TV: She's the greatest female wrestler of all time," Flair said in a recent interview with Fox Sports. "I'm qualified to say that because I've seen 'em all. I wish she would get the credit she deserves."

However, the Nature Boy was quick to heap praise on two of Charlotte's most famous rivals as well. Flair pointed to both SmackDown Women's champion Sasha Banks and Raw Women's champion Asuka as examples of how far females have come in the ring.

"I give Sasha Banks all the credit in the world," Flair said, in regards to 'The Boss' and her ranking among her peers. "She's a working fool. I mean, she is. She is that good.

"I'd put Asuka right there, too," he went on. "But people are going to say, 'Well, she's not colorful enough.' Right? In terms of technical skills, Asuka's right there. Don't let me leave her off. People are going to go, 'She's not colorful enough. She doesn't speak English.' Which is bulls— ... The three of them are right there, boy."


The 16-time world champion commented that they were part of the building blocks of an extremely talented women's division. He also marveled at how it all came together under the WWE banner.

"I started in the '70s, and I've seen the whole evolution," he explained. "And to see this thing come around, with Charlotte and Sasha and Becky and Bayley — well, the three at first and then Bayley right afterward, in the women's division. When Stephanie (McMahon) walked out in Atlanta and said, 'Ta-da!' It really, really changed. That's part of the history of our business."

Even after his in-ring retirement, Flair has remained active with the company and remains a key contributor to WWE programming. The two-time Hall of Famer has most recently been involved in an angle on RAW that saw him siding with Lacey Evans, his daughter Charlotte's main antagonist. Although that in-ring rivalry may now be put on hold, due to Evans' legitimate pregnancy.