Within the past calendar year, Riddle has had runs on all three of WWE’s brands.

This time last year, Riddle was an NXT Tag Team Champion with Pete Dunne. After his black and yellow brand run concluded, the Original Bro found himself beating AJ Styles in his SmackDown debut. From there, Riddle moved on to Monday nights, where he now reigns as the United States Champion on RAW.

Speaking to ViBe & Wrestling, Riddle offered insight into the differences between the three brands.

“From the beginning you start training, you go to the indies and work your way up and eventually you make it to NXT,” Riddle said. “NXT is probably one of the most professional places I’ve ever worked and there was so much when I was there. They got the TV deal with USA Network. Huge. I didn’t realize how the main roster was until I got there on SmackDown, and it is a complete different monster. Completely different machines with a lot of parts and pieces. Then you go to RAW, and you got 3 hours and it is even a bigger monster which is craziness. When you are dealing with live TV thing are going crazy, even if you plans the things not to go crazy, they get crazy sometimes.”

Compared to the main roster, Riddle says NXT is much more planned out.

“The big difference for me when I was on NXT was that the things were a bit more planned out,” Riddle said. “While on the main roster everything should be planned, or there is an idea, but most of the time you just shoot from the hip. That is why the people need to be prepared and be professional on the main roster because anything can happen and you have to be ready. You have to be ready for anything at anytime, and Vince McMahon is right there at gorilla looking at you so it’s not like, ‘Oh man, I hope nobody saw that,’ because Vince McMahon is watching closely bro, so do your job good.”

Seeing that his call-up came last fall, Riddle’s first WrestleMania is quickly approaching. The former NXT Tag Champion says he intends to seize the opportunity to elevate his stock within the WWE Universe.

“I am really excited. WrestleMania is the biggest night,” Riddle said. “The Super Bowl for football, the WorldCup for soccer, WrestleMania for wrestling is the biggest night in our sport. I hope I win this title because it is the only chance they pigeon hole me for sure in the show and once I’m there, watch out because I am not gonna let you forget about me.

“If I get that short amount of time at that show, at WrestleMania weekend I am gonna make sure I take full advantage of it. I remember my first WrestleMania weekend not in WWE but on the smaller scale. I started building my reputation just on those shows, so I know that being in that show, the main show, the biggest show of the year, my stock is going to be through the roof, like GameStop. I can’t wait to bring back the fans and look them in the eye and connect again with them, to move forward and put all this behind us.”

Before he began his main roster run, Riddle received a shoutout on Monday Night RAW from a certain Rated-R Hall of Famer. In his first promo after his shock return at the 2020 Royal Rumble, Edge name-dropped Riddle as one of the new faces he “hopefully [sees] down the road.”

The possibility of an Edge vs. Riddle match doesn’t just entice the Ultimate Opportunist. Riddle certified Edge as not just a dream opponent, but a dream partner.

“Edge is one of my dream matches. I mentioned him already on my dream scenario for a tag match,” Riddle said. “He is so good, and brings the presence. It is the same with Randy Orton. Randy is so good, so big, so athletic and such a household name. He is a dream match. AJ Styles, especially with this new giant, he is a dream match. So if you can be in a program with them or get in a rivalry with them certainly is a career making.”