WWE United States Champion Riddle has taken a subtle jab at WWE legend The Undertaker, just days after dismissing The Phenom’s comments about WWE’s current product being “soft.”

In an interview with Alistair McGeorge of Metro.co.uk, Riddle opened up about the backstage bickering in WWE’s locker room and compared the company to “a high school” where talents are not upfront about their issues.

“Pro wrestling is the most outlandish high school you’ll ever go to,” said Riddle. “Monday Night Raw is just like, ‘what’s gonna happen this week?’ If anybody has a problem with anybody, nobody says it.”

Riddle felt that since issues are swept under the rug, it is important for the locker room to have free dialogue rather than going “The Undertaker route” and fighting one another.

“It’s always like, ‘pst pst’. I’m like, why are we hearing stuff like this? ‘Say something, do something! I’m not saying you have to go The Undertaker route and fight each other and be men about it! I’m saying let’s talk about it. But hey, it is what it is!'”

Riddle, who has previously called out the likes of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, added that not all WWE legends keep their distance from the younger talents.

“‘Some of the legends come in and they find their own locker room, they stay away from the boys,” Riddle said. “But then there’s legends like Gillberg, Edge, Christian – legends like that, they came in, they sat with all the boys in the main locker room. We jib-jabbed, flapped gums, talked shop and had fun.”

Earlier this week, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T slammed Riddle’s attitude towards the business and asked The Original Bro to return to UFC. Riddle said the older generation of wrestlers were “dumber” for taking too many bumps and abusing their bodies.