Sportskeeda’s Rick Ucchino recently sat down with former Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn where Zayn opened up about his absence post WrestleMania 36. Zayn took time off from WWE TV due to concerns over the pandemic, and Zayn told Sportskeeda that “it made sense to not go in.”

“Now, we know so much more about COVID-19, we know so much more about the pandemic and everything,” Zayn noted. “But at the time in March, there was a lot of uncertainty. We really didn’t know what the deal was, and I had some family circumstances that, at the time, it made sense to not go in.”

Zayn noted that it’s tough for pro wrestlers to say no to things. He explained that it was tough to not only opt out of performing but also to opt out of the biggest stage in wrestling.

“Wrestlers are already hardwired not to say no, you give me a task and I’m gonna nail it, that sort of… there’s a pride to the performer in that,” Zayn explained. “So, anytime, you opt out of something, it’s already difficult enough, and then on top of it, on the biggest stage imaginable.”

Zayn also explained that it was difficult to turn down independent bookings in the past. However, turning down Vince McMahon and telling him that he couldn’t come to work was “extremely difficult.”

Zayn added, “I mean, I would have trouble turning down independent bookings for 200 bucks, let alone, telling Vince McMahon, I can’t come into work, it was extremely, extremely difficult for so many reasons.”