Former AEW World Tag Team Champion Scorpio Sky was on a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast where he discussed his run in AEW so far. He also talked about the inspiration he gets from WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart as well as his belief that there are too many flips in wrestling nowadays.

“He wasn’t the guy that got me into wrestling because I was always a wrestling fan,” Sky stated. “I can’t even remember when I started watching it. I started watching it so young, but he was definitely the first one that resonated with me and captured my imagination beyond anyone else. I was very young, maybe seven, eight, nine years old when I said, ‘Okay, I want to be like Bret Hart. I want to be Bret Hart,’ and I remember walking to school and doing the Bret Hart walk.

“I’d walk past bushes that had leaves that would stick out, and I’d slap the leaves like Bret Hart slapping hands with the fans. I pretend like I’m walking to the ring. People probably thought I was weird like, ‘What is this guy doing?’ I go back, and I will still watch some of his matches. I watch a lot of old wrestling and a lot of it is Bret Hart because everything he did was so precise. They called him ‘The Excellence of Execution’ for reason his. His execution on everything was so crisp and so sharp, and he didn’t do a lot. That’s kind of where my style is coming from these days. I don’t do the flips and the high-flying things that I used to.

“Bret Hart could hit someone with a European uppercut, and it looks so good like, I don’t really need to see him flip over the top rope. I just want to see him hit people with forearms. I love that hard-hitting, technical style. I wish that would come back into more popularity in wrestling, that hard-hitting, technical style where it’s two guys and it feels like a fight. It tends to be a little bit too much flipping around stuff nowadays that I’m not crazy about. It’s cool, but I’m just trying to be different, and Bret was a guy that I always can look back and say, ‘What’s something Bret does that I can steal and use myself.'”

Sky also talked about being a fan of WCW growing up. He said that he, like many others, was a huge fan of Sting especially when he took on The Crow inspired look.

“Of course, I mean, everyone loves Sting growing up,” Sky noted. “You have the the face paint and the bleach blond hair and then obviously, when he became the vision of Sting that we see today, obviously, he was the coolest guy in the world.

“I was a huge WCW fan, in general, growing up and seeing Sting, I remember watching it live the first time they had Sting in the rafters with the crow on his arm. I think it was Clash of the Champions or something and just a huge huge fan.”

Of course with Sting now in AEW, some AEW talent have gotten the chance to meet and chat with Sting. However, Sky said he hasn’t met Sting yet due to how busy things can get backstage.

“No, I haven’t met him actually,” Sky admitted. “Maybe a hello here and there or whatever but I haven’t really seen him too much. You know how it is backstage, everybody’s kind of running around doing things. It’s busy. No, I haven’t really met him. I’m sure I will at some point.”

Sky also discussed his meeting with AEW President and CEO Tony Khan. He said that he was sold right away because of the vision he presented, and he admitted that he never thought he could see “a new WCW” during his wrestling career until AEW came around.

“I got to meet him, I believe it was, right at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019, and this was obviously before I signed. And the moment I met him, I was sold,” Sky revealed. “I thought this guy has a vision, and for years, guys on the indies, like myself, always would wish, it was like a fantasy like, ‘God, I hope some millionaire comes on and starts a new WCW.’ WCW went out of business right before I got in, and I just knew that once I was done, the next WCW was going to come. I was just gonna miss it.

“I just knew that’s how it was going to happen because that’s how things work for me. Fortunately, it did not happen. When I met Tony Khan, I thought, okay, this is going to work. He’s got a vision. He’s different from a lot of other guys that I’ve talked to that were like, ‘I’m going to start the next best thing,’ and it never ever works out. The proof is in the pudding. Things are working out because of that vision, because of his dedication and because of his love for the sport.”

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