Following the release of his debut single “How’ve You Been”, Sebastian Flair came on The Wrestling Inc. Daily today to chat with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman. He discussed the release of his single as well as what it’s like to be part of the wrestling world through his mother Wendy “Fifi The French Maid” Barlow and stepfather WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Sebastian noted that he has been writing music since he was 15 and that he had always wanted to be in the entertainment industry.

“Honestly, I’ve been writing songs since I was 15, but even before I realized it was music, I wanted to be in the entertainment industry,” Sebastian admitted. “I knew I wanted to entertain, and I think what really led me to picking music overall was just the effect that the music I listened to had on me.

“Universally, I feel like there’s this feeling that people get when they listen to music and whatever songs they like to listen to. They hold it close to them because it gives them a certain feeling. I want to be able to create that feeling, make music that is just out there for everybody to just feel it, and they’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, I’m glad this guy’s around.’”

Sebastian also noted that he has more songs in store, but he chose this one because it was “a little more tame.” He talked about the inspiration for his music.

“I have a lot of songs, but the reason why I started working on this one was because it’s a little more tame. It’s a little less out there,” Sebastian explained. “I remember I was running some examples by my mom, and she’s like, ‘Okay, we got to maybe dial it back a few notches because you don’t want to go too crazy once you’re trying to make your name’ There’s more to come for sure.

“The music that I write about it’s very relationship centric and just the idea of bad relationships most of the time, and I think I have a lot of songs that I kind of just take the relationship aspect a little bit to the extreme where it’s no longer a relationship and it’s more just lust, in a sense.”

Sebastian then went into detail about the inspiration for “How’ve You Been”. He talked about reflecting on a previous relationship in high school.

“There was this girl that I was into, and we weren’t full-on dating. This was in high school,” Sebastian stated. “Time keeps going on and as you keep on going making new relationships, every once in a while, at least for me, I always look back and I’m like, ‘I wonder how that relationship could have turned out differently.’ I was just thinking one day about this particular girl and how I just feel I kind of was the problem in that specific relationship. I think we really could have done something with the relationship, but I never asked how she was. It’s good. I wrote a song out of it.”

Hausman asked Sebastian who he has on his team to help him produce his music. Sebastian expressed his gratitude for his friends that have worked hard in helping him out.

“Thankfully, I met some really good musicians. I’m a student at Auburn University,” Sebastian said. “I’m 20 years old. I’ll be 21 over the summer. My friends are just great musicians. I’m glad you put it that way, ‘team’. I really feel like I’m surrounded by a really good team that is able to just be there, be present, show up and put their heart into the music as much as I am really. So I’m very lucky in that sense.'”

Sebastian had said that his mom has helped him whenever he needed it. He also expressed his thanks that his parents for supporting him and his goals.

“She’s helping out Ric all the time,” Sebastian noted. “So sometimes I’ll be like, ‘Hey mom, can I get your opinion on this?’ Or, ‘Hey, can we do this with the song or look in this direction?’ She’s working with Ric.

“So I gotta take a step back and remember that, but when she comes in and helps me all the time, I’m very appreciative because I realize that my parents could just be very much against this idea of me pursuing music because there’s the ole ‘you got to go to college,’ or, ‘I want you to be successful in my way,’ but no, they’re very open and supportive about what I want to do. My mom’s always the first one to help me out with my music.”

Sebastian’s debut single “How’ve You Been” is now available to stream via Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. You can find the full audio and video from Sebastian’s interview via the embedded players below.