Sebastian Flair joined Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on the Wrestling Inc. Daily recently to discuss his debut single, ‘How’ve You Been.’

While his music career has only just begun, Sebastian says he has the big goal of bringing rock back to the mainstream.

“My influences are definitely the ‘80s,” Sebastian said. “Back when rock was the king of the music world, and we kind of lost that, I feel like. I just want to, in a sense, bring it back a little bit. I feel like I accomplished that on this song. And I’m a big ‘90s guy too. I like grunge a lot.”

As the stepson of Ric Flair and son of former WCW personality Fifi The French Maid, Sebastian has been around professional wrestling for his whole life. The Nature Boy married Sebastian’s mom, Wendy Barlow, in 2018, and Sebastian discussed his fandom of Ric before that happened.

“When she first met Ric, I wasn’t born yet,” Sebastian said. “But before they got married, I was already in the bubble because I was a huge wrestling fan. Even before I met Ric, my dad and I, my biological dad, we used to watch the classic Hulk Hogan, all those greats. Undertaker, Ric Flair, those used to be my favorites, along with The Rock. I remember when The Rock came into the wrestling world, I was just like, so, so great. I love The Rock.”

When Wendy told her kids that she was going to be dating Ric Flair, Sebastian admitted he was a bit reserved.

“It was very fun,” Sebastian said. “My reaction was, obviously a little reserved, like he’s going to be dating my mom. Another thing was the fact that I loved watching Ric so much on TV. So it was like, if you are gonna date somebody, I guess Ric Flair would be the one.”

While Sebastian noted how he has been a big wrestling fan since before Ric came into his life, he admitted that he doesn’t watch much of the current product because his busy schedule doesn’t allow for it.

“Recently, I haven’t been keeping up with wrestling at all, to be honest,” Sebastian said. “I’ve just had so much stuff going on, especially with the music. Surprisingly, I’ve been working on a book, a novel. In between that, I’ve been doing a little acting, which is tough, especially now. Zoom auditions, man.”

Speaking further on his novel, Sebastian says he is taking horror inspiration from both Stephen King and the movie Scream.

“So I’m a big horror fan, right?” Sebastian said. “I love horror. I’m a big Stephen King fan. If I had to describe my book, I’m writing a scary novel, like a horror novel, but not horror to the extreme. More like a murder mystery in like, the vein of Stephen King. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Scream, but I just love Scream. That’s gotta be one of my favorite films of all time. David [Arquette] is a close family friend. And I actually worked on a film with David [Arquette] and his wife called 12 Hour Shift. I got to fly out there and be an extra for a day.”

Between acting, writing, and singing, Sebastian’s career options seem limitless, but the new artist reassured there is one path he has no intentions of ever taking.

“I’m a very skinny guy, wrestling is definitely not my thing,” Sebastian said. “I’m definitely not going to be fighting Charlotte anytime soon.”

Sebastian has attended many wrestling shows, and applauds the experience. He says the environment backstage is very familial.

“To be honest, it’s like one big giant family. It’s really surreal to be a part of it,” Sebastian said. “Like sometimes when you just step back and think about it, you think like, ‘Man, these people could be jerks. They got all this money, all this fame.’ But that’s not how they are. Everyone’s so nice. You want to be around these people. When I was a kid, we would go to these shows, and everybody’s going out of their way to be super nice to us. That’s another thing I love is you’re sitting there watching, and you never think you’re going to meet these people. Then, all of a sudden, your life changes. The people you were watching on TV you’re now just hanging out with.”

Sebastian’s debut single “How’ve You Been” is now available to stream via Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. You can find the full audio and video from Sebastian’s interview via the embedded players below.