Virgil Wants In On Cameron Grimes’ WWE NXT Success, Grimes Responds

Former WWE Superstar Virgil wants in on Cameron Grimes' new money gimmick in WWE NXT.

As noted, Grimes continued his new gimmick on last night's NXT show by trying to replicate heel antics once used by WWE Hall of Famer "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase Sr., who once employed a young Virgil. You can click here for details on Grimes' basketball segments, and the developmental talents who were used as his marks.


Grimes name-dropping DiBiase Sr. has led to a lot of speculation that WWE might bring The Million Dollar Man in for a quick angle with Grimes on NXT TV, but that's just speculation at this point. DiBiase has not responded to any of the many Twitter mentions as of this writing.

Virgil did take to Twitter this afternoon and post a graphic with Grimes, calling them the hottest combination since paste & salad at Olive Garden.

"The newest hottest combo since the pasta and salad at OG @CGrimesWWE," Virgil wrote.

Grimes isn't interested as he's still upset with DiBiase, blaming him for his own shortcomings in last night's basketball dribble hustles.

"Sorry @TheRealVirgil but you can blame that no good @MDMTedDiBiase for not getting any of my cheddar! #KissMyGRITS," Grimes wrote back to Virgil.


Virgil has not responded to Grimes as of this writing. You can see their full tweets below: