A&E's "Biography: WWE Legends" Full Schedule Revealed

The full schedule for A&E's "Biography: WWE Legends" series has been revealed, courtesy of the Wrestling Observer. The series will tell the stories of eight WWE Hall of Famers, beginning on Sunday, April 18 at 8pm ET.

Each episode will air for two hours, and will serve as the lead-in to new episodes of the WWE Most Wanted Treasures series from A&E.

Below is the full schedule for the Biography series:

* April 18: Steve Austin
* April 25: Randy Savage
* May 2: Roddy Piper
* May 9: Booker T
* May 16: Shawn Michaels
* May 23: Bret Hart
* May 30: Mick Foley
* June 6: The Ultimate Warrior

A&E worked with WWE Studios on the series.

Foley recently noted on Twitter that his episode should air some time in June, but it looks like it will air at the end of May instead. You can click here for Foley's post on changing his look.

For those who missed it, you can click here for a sneak peek at the Austin documentary.

Stay tuned for more.