Andrade Teases Return To Former Masked Gimmick?

Former WWE Superstar Andrade has fans talking on social media today with an apparent tease for a return to his "La Sombra" gimmick in CMLL.

Before signing with WWE in 2015, Andrade made a name for himself as La Sombra in CMLL and NJPW. Wearing a mask, La Sombra would become a one-time IWGP Intercontinental Champion for NJPW, and hold numerous titles for CMLL.


He took to Twitter today and posted a photo of the La Sombra look at a CMLL show and wrote, "La sombra / Andrade / El Idolo"

Andrade then posted the same photo to Instagram and used the "#rebuildingandrade" hashtag.

"La sombra/ Andrade / El Ídolo (years ago ) #rebuildingandrade #latino #mask #andrade #elidolo #style #health #gym," he wrote as the Instagram caption.

As we've noted, Andrade was released by WWE on Sunday night after requesting his departure back on March 8 while backstage at RAW. He had not been used since October 2020. It's been reported that Andrade does not have a 90-day non-compete clause with his WWE contract, meaning he is free to begin working for any promotion he wants. It's believed that he will be able to continue using the "Andrade" name as well.


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