After back and forth verbal altercations and miscues cost Bianca Belair and the SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks a shot at the Women’s Tag Team Titles at Fastlane, tensions rose even more so last night on SmackDown when Belair laid her hands on “The Blueprint.” A day after that exchange, Belair spoke out about this confrontation on Talking Smack and how she plans on awakening her fierce side in time before their historic matchup in two weeks.

“I give Sasha credit, but I don’t give her too much credit,” Belair stated. “If you know me from my NXT days, you know that I always walk around saying that I’m the strongest and I’m the toughest; that’s in me.

“But at the end of the day, I understand that as much as it’s going to be a historic moment and it’s a great moment at WrestleMania, it is two alpha females going after the SmackDown Women’s Championship. She has something that I want. She has something that she doesn’t want me to have. So, that is what’s at stake right now.”

For weeks, Banks has taunted Belair by calling her a rookie and an underdog. To Belair, she is sick and tired of having to prove what she’s worth something when she already knows that she is.

“I feel like I always have to prove myself every single time I step out. Everybody treats me like I’m the underdog [by saying], ‘Oh, she’s improving. She is the future.’ But guess what? The future is now, and I proved that by winning the Women’s Royal Rumble match,” she stated sternly. “And I think Sasha Banks knows that. That’s why she’s smacking me and coming in and getting me from behind and trying to stop me every second of the way.

“I’m the new kid on the block, but I’m tired of proving myself. I’ve already proved that. So, let’s get to WrestleMania. Let’s see what happens.”

Panelist Paul Heyman — who has been rooting for Belair since she arrived on the main roster — informed her that regardless of what accolades she achieves in her career, there will never be a day that she doesn’t have to prove herself and her worth. With that said, he gave her some sound advice on where she should set her priorities before and after her WrestleMania match.

“You’re never done proving yourself,” Heyman noted to Belair. “Now, if Sasha wants to throw it in your face that you’re a rookie — a rookie that has pushed a seasoned champion like Sasha to the very limits — that’s on Sasha. Congratulations to you for being that rookie. One of the most impressive rooking years in the history of sports entertainment.

“But like I told Big E, this is life at the top. So many people are so enthralled with the comradery in this business. The comradery is you, your family and that championship. You have to give up the desire to be friends with anyone in this industry because Sasha Banks has never been, will never be, your mentor, your teacher, your big sister or your friend. With this wisdom, I want you to come back on this show as the SmackDown Women’s Champion. If she wants to look at herself as someone that lost it to a rookie, you go be that rookie.”

You can watch Bianca Belair’s full interview on the WWE Network. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Talking Smack with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.