On today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with the host of AdFreeShows.com’s Wrestle Roasts and long-time pro wrestling fan, Dan St. Germain. The Comedy Central featured comedian opened up about his experience in the roast world and how it plays into the podcast.

“We talk about wrestling already, and then we get into it right and then we pick every week randomly. We pick the roaster,” St. Germain stated. “First off, I’m a terrible roast battler. I did a roast battle with Mike (Lawrence) at The Comedy Store, and I ate it. It was f**king embarrassing. I did that with Annie Leiderman too, and I’ve always been terrible with that sort of ‘8 Mile’ version of comedy.

“With the roast, it’s all variety. You have to have your brutal jokes in there, but you also have to have a couple of silly clever ones just to kind of let the audience get up similar to wrestling. It’s kind of like a popcorn joke. There’s certain stuff that we actually won’t touch. We did not make Owen Hart jokes during a roast of Bret Hart. I was pretty adamant about that, but for the most part, everything else is kind of on limits. I think Owen’s the only one that we most likely won’t touch.

“Maybe Connor from Connor’s Cure, we’re not going to roast him either. I think those are the only two that we promised not to roast. It’s one of those things too where you got to pick the people. Luckily, with Bret Hart and Big Show, it was so easy for two different reasons. Bret because he’s the ultimate legend in his own mind and has s**t on everybody in wrestling. You can angle any joke into Bret, and there’s so many things to attack Bret for that have nothing to do with any low blows.

“And for Big Show, the reason it was super easy, at least we’ll see how it goes, because of how long his career has been. ‘Hey, I want to do a WCW joke here. I want to do an NWO joke here. I want to make an AEW joke here.’ His career is so long. Shane McMahon was actually pretty tough to roast because he’s one of those guys where he seems like a nice guy. He overachieved as a wrestler. There were jokes for sure.”

During the discussion the topic of possibly bringing his wits and writing skills to WWE in a creative capacity came up.

“I interviewed with them. They weren’t hiring anybody because of the pandemic, and then they reached out again,” St. Germain recalled. “I think I asked for too much money honestly. It wasn’t a no. I talked to somebody who writes there, and they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, you asked for way too much money,’ which makes sense. It doesn’t really make that much sense for them to hire an unproven person, but it’s always open. I don’t think it’s gonna be possible now after this roast. I think we’re going to piss off enough people.

“I already know that we’re off the AEW call list because of some dumb s**t,” St. Germain said. “I can’t imagine WWE being like, ‘Oh, you made how many jokes about Vince McMahon paying off the cops in the Jimmy Snuka murder case? Yeah, come write for us!’ It’s not going to happen. Who knows? Vince actually could get over it. The AEW guys are way more sensitive.”

St. Germain continued and detailed a previous back and forth he had with AEW when he interviewed Sammy Guevara for his podcast.

“Sammy came on our show, and I know some people in AEW, really great people. There’s some really great people over there,” St. Germain noted. “We edited some stuff that they wanted to take out. But then we released it, and then they asked to take out something else. And this is before the whole Sammy – Sasha thing. This is way before that.

“They asked us to take it down and then edit it out. I was just like, ‘No, we already did one round of edits for you guys,’ and then they never responded. And we asked to interview Will Hobbs, and they said no. In my mind, I’m like, ‘Well, Will Hobbs is not as big of a star Sammy Guevara,’ maybe he will be in a year or two. Something tells me we could probably get Brandon Cutler but maybe nobody else on that roster right now.”

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