Darby Allin Reveals How Much Creative Influence He Had Over Sting Street Fight

Darby Allin was interviewed on Saturday night at the post-AEW Revolution media scrum about teaming with Sting to take on Brian Cage and Ricky Starks in a street fight. Allin said it was an honor to team with Sting.

"It means the world to me to be teaming with Sting," Allin said. "To have any part of his legendary career, especially the tail end, it's a complete honor. We did a lot of work and we busted our asses out there."

When asked about working with not only Sting but Taz, Darby was complimentary to both.

"A lot of it goes into them trusting me and seeing my vision," said Allin. "We've been putting in this work for about a year now with Team Taz and six months with Sting. It's like, me and Tony Khan just sticking to the vision, them trusting my vision. I visualized a lot of this match tonight and to put it out there and them not second guess my directing, it meant a lot to me."

Allin further elaborated on how much creative control he had over the match.

"I would say I was involved in 90% of it," Allin stated. "I was doing damn near everything that night, a lot of work put into this. I was up for weeks producing this. It was a good experience. I had dropped out of film school so this was a good test for my directing."

When asked about his upcoming match with Scorpio Sky on this Wednesday's AEW Dynamite, Darby made it clear the title was still his priority.

"I'm the TNT Champion and I want to remind everyone about that," said Allin. "Even though the title wasn't on the line tonight I want to remind everybody why I'm champion in the first place. And Scorpio Sky, that's gonna be the first step."

"I see the messages and everyone says 'Darby isn't defending it.' Well yeah; I was stuck with Team Taz and having to work with that. There was a lot of work put into that. And now I want to remind everyone why I'm TNT Champion, and it all starts with Scorpio Sky."

Allin closed by once again putting over his partner.

"Having Sting coming to AEW, having a lot of trust and faith in me, it meant the world," said Allin. "And for us to have this big match, this big blow off, it meant everything for him to trust me with his career. I respect the hell out of Sting."

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