On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Effy, the host of Big Gay Brunch, made his return to the podcast. Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked Effy about his role as Rainbow Stahhh in the upcoming independent pro wrestling stoner comedy film A Pro Rasslin Movie: The Legend of Dirty Ron. The creator of the film, Mikey Gordon, was recently on the podcast and Effy spoke about how he initially met Mikey and got involved in the film.

“I have to preface this in a way to say, I think a lot of people assume I don’t pay that much attention to real wrestling. If you were to just kayfabe look at me, that guy doesn’t like real wrestling, but I know everybody,” Effy noted. “I know every wrestler everywhere. I keep tabs on everything, and I was in New Orleans for WrestleMania. And I walk into this bar, and everybody’s like, ‘David Arquette’s upstairs. Dolph Ziggler’s here and this and this,’ and I look.

“And I go, ‘Holy s**t, are you Dirty F**king Ron MacDonald?’ He was like, ‘How do you know who I am?’ I was like, ‘Bro, I’ve seen your s**t before,’ and we connected in this weird way where I recognized him. And we talked a bit because he was helping out with some of the west coast GCW shows and making sure that talent was taken care of. We had chatted a bit there, and he reached out to me. He was like, ‘Do you think you could be gay Ric Flair in a movie?’ I was like, ‘Bro, absolutely I could be gay Ric Flair in your movie.’ I was able to just put on this blonde wig and be a piece of s**t.

“It’s that dark Effy again. I’m just like, let it out. That’s how I started out as being a piece of s**t to conservative white southerners. Well now, I just get to be an expansive piece of s**t as Rainbow Stahhh and be as narcissistic, egotistical crazy and full of himself as he can. You can see the costuming in the trailer, but I have this full spectacle, peacock giant sparkle glitter robe, and you can ask him, I was wondering around the set all day just shaking my robe. ‘You’ve become Rainbow Stahh.'”

The movie features multiple pro wrestlers in various roles. Effy discussed the idea of indie ensemble films.

“Someone said to me that, ‘you’re gonna have the longest day today,'” Effy recalled. “It was at some pro wrestling taping, and I was like, ‘Brother, I always have the longest day. This doesn’t concern me. We went to the sub-tapings yesterday, and four of us drove up from Atlanta to Nashville and drove straight back and wrestled in between that for 10 hours. When you talk about wrestlers in acting, we’re so good at it because we’re used to having to do one take. We’re used to having to go full intensity with everything, and we’re used to having ridiculously, crazy long days that are just exhausting.

“And so when you have these opportunities for guys to be able to flex their character, and personality, and the timing, and comedy and just movement and action skills in this acting world, they really excel at it. And it’s just finding the opportunities to do that because the path has always been you got to get to the fed, and then you got to win six belts, and then you got to go five years, and then you got to get a bad part on a TV show on USA. Then you got to come back to the fed. You leave again to get a B movie, and to be able to say, we just want to make art. We want to show off what we can do and to be able to do that on a lower budget. I told him, and some people don’t want to hear it this way, but it’s very ICP.

“I think wrestlers will be good at it, and they just need to kind of jump out of the box on things, especially now with the pandemic. I talked to a lot of people. There’s not a lot of us who are just out here risking it going, ‘Well, I’m just not going to work a job and see how this s**t pays out.’ And I get it right now, but if we can have those opportunities like, ‘Hey man, I can get you paid for two or three days where you don’t have to fall on your ass the whole time.’ It is going to open up a lot more doors to be able to keep people independent without going, ‘Well, I can do this and just be dirt poor forever, or I can just go take the regular payday.’ I just want that decision to be harder, and I’ve always pushed for that. I want the best for labor, and I want the best opportunities. And the fact is, the harder the decision, the quicker they have to follow us.”

Effy is the host of Big Gay Brunch and books the matches for the event. However, he has not announced his match for the upcoming show yet, and he explained why.

“Previously, I had thought the understanding would be, in the first one, here’s a silly ass match with me for seven or eight minutes,” Effy said. “It’s not going to take up a ton of my card. It’s not going to be the wrestling focus. It’s not going to be the big focus of the show because I wanted the spotlight on the real matches of these true performers that I think really need that spotlight, and so I want to do goofy stuff. I want to do weird stuff, and looking at this match, I kind of hesitated on how to announce it because we caused so much stir the last time.

“They said, ‘You can’t keep talking about dildos. You can’t keep putting it in front of the young men who are in wrestling, and you can’t keep talking about twinks all the time. You can’t keep doing that.’ Here’s the thing, I’m getting advice from a lot of mid-carders, and if you look across the TV companies, boy, boy, do we have mid-carders. They can work. They know where to cue. They know the theme song. They know where to pose. They’re happy to take the eight-minute segment, and they’ll never put another thought into it again and they’ll make a better paycheck than me.

“But they’re all mid-carders, and so when I think of how I have to create a match, I am trying to create drama, and tension and real emotion, whether it be goofy, or silly or dumb but something you can connect with like getting blinded with fake cum and having a sex doll attack you. These are things that are real, and so I don’t know if I can announce the match yet because this man is struggling. And he knows he’s going to have to fight me, and he knows what it’s about, and knows what it’s for, and he’s brought it to my attention and you could probably put context clues together here.”

Effy also explained the unique stipulations that are and will be on the card. AJ Gray vs. Billy Dixon currently has a mystery CENSORED stipulation that has not been revealed yet.

“When I think of these stipulations, I like to tell wrestlers and wrestling fans to zoom out sometimes,” Effy stated. “We are so used to the same f**king bulls**t mid-card tropes, and the same storylines and the same things over and over that I want to come in and I want to f**k people’s brains up, and I want to present concepts to them that they immediately push away from because they go, ‘It’s ridiculous. It’s stupid. He’s leaning into the gay stuff too much. This is so silly,’ and then I want them to watch it. And I want them to go, ‘God damn it, that was a goddamn story. They told every bit of it, and it was f**king great and I felt real emotion in something that when presented to me at first, had no right to cause that effect.’ That’s the goal that we’re trying to push in here, and so when we’re going and doing these shows, I’m seeing these kinds of criticisms of making things too gay. When I was booking this show, I was like, ‘Well, we’re just going to keep get making it even gayer and f**k them.’ So my match, and I hope I’m not the main event of my show, but it’s very likely I will take that spot. Not because of my own ego but because I believe this performer deserves that spotlight, and looking across the card, I have Parrow in the in the Tag Team Twink Hunter Gauntlet.

“They used to say, ‘Oh well, they’re not going to show the gays too much. They’ll make them do goofy stuff.’ Well, my advertisement for Parrow’s Tag Team Twink Gauntlet, poor Odinson, who is Parrow’s tag team partner. I wouldn’t even put him on the advertisement. I said, ‘We have enough straights on the show. We’ve let enough of them through.’ It’s just Parrow’s Tag Team Twink Hunter Gauntlet, but Odinson’s going to help him, and that’s the gist. But we just wanted that big f**king picture of Parrow talking about how he’s gonna hunt some twinks, and it sounds stupid and silly. You kind of look at it. You go, alright, well, Effy can put together this match that is going to have these segments, and they’re going to be with guys who wrestled in Japan, wrestled for All Japan, wrestled for Evolve, wrestled all over the country. And they’re going to get time in there to shine with them, and Parrow is such a gracious human.

“I still am going to bury him in twinks, but he is working so hard to make sure that this next generation of talent coming through, even if the situation they’re getting on this show is some little tiny thing, the advice that they’re going to be able to get, and talk to and just be backstage with these people because of these ridiculous dumb matches that are too gay, too weird, we’re actually providing more opportunity to get these tag teams out there, to show them some of the best talent in the world, to show them in their own natural habitat. And will they get destroyed by Parrow? 100% they will get destroyed by Parrow. He’s the Twink Hunter, but it’s a very cool way to sneak in, hey, we’re actually doing good by our community, and trying to get new people on the map and trying to get new people up, and then also taking, hey, here’s people you’ve seen before. Let’s put them in the craziest, weirdest main event style matchups you can think of and just go for it.”

Effy’s Big Gay Brunch takes place on April 10th as part of GCW’s The Collective. It will stream live on FITE. For tickets and more info please follow @EFFYLives and @GCWrestling_. You can find the full audio and video from Effy’s interview tomorrow: