As a special announcement on last week’s episode of WWE After the Bell, Eric Bischoff was announced as the second inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2021.

On the latest episode of his podcast, 83 Weeks, Bischoff spoke about being inducted into the Hall of Fame and his reaction to the outpouring of love and support he’s gotten since then. The former WCW President spoke about not getting into the Hall of Fame until now, saying he thought about it once but never knew how he’d react if he was finally inducted.

“It’s been a really amazing couple days,” Bischoff said. “Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with best wishes and support, it’s just really really cool. It’s not like the thought hasn’t crossed my mind over the last 10 years or so because every time WrestleMania comes around, the Hall of Fame inductees start getting announced, my social media blows up and everybody’s wondering when [I’m going to be inducted]. I’d be lying if I said I never thought about it, but I never thought much about it because who knows. It could be this year, could be 10 years from now, could be never. You have no control over it, so I try not to worry about it.

“But when I have thought about it, I’ve often convinced myself how I would feel and I was wrong. I thought I would be pretty cool, and I’d be honoured and proud and all that but because of the overwhelming support over the last few days, it took it to another level for me. It’s been pretty cool.”

It has yet to be revealed who will be inducting Bischoff into the Hall of Fame. The second announced member of the 2021 Hall of Fame admitted that he did not know who would induct him into the Hall of Fame, and also doesn’t know what the format for the show will be yet.

“I do not,” Bischoff said. “I’m not sure what the format for this year’s Hall of Fame is. I know details are coming, I had a short conversation last night with someone from WWE. I know there’s a lot of schedule details coming up, I’m sure I’ll learn more. But right now I know I need to be in Tampa, I know what hotel I’m staying at, I know there’s a car picking me up at the airport. Beyond that, I don’t know any details.”

The nWo was announced as an inductee of the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame last year prior to COVID-19, which caused WWE to cancel their Hall of Fame ceremony. Due to those inductees not having their moment last year, this year both the 2020 and 2021 inductees will be inducted on the same night, outside of Batista who is expected to be inducted when a full crowd is available to experience his induction. The Hall of Fame will be taped by WWE this year and air on Tuesday, April 6th.

“Yeah well the nWo went in last year but last year didn’t happen,” Bischoff said. “I don’t know how they’re going to do it, I’m sure all that information is going to come out in the next couple of days. I can imagine the checklists and sign-offs for protocols and all the things behind the scenes is why details are a little slow right now as things are changing up until the last moments.

“I’m looking forward to it, it’s going to be a blast either way. I love the Hall of Fame, I’ve said this a million times, the Hall of Fame part of the weekend is my favourite part of the [WrestleMania] weekend.”

One of the more memorable moments at the Hall of Fame throughout the years was Ric Flair’s speech lasting so long that Triple H had to interrupt the speech multiple times to try to get him to wrap it up so the show could go off the air. Bischoff said he hasn’t even thought about his speech and talked about his plans for what he’s going to say.

“I don’t do that [prepare speeches],” Bischoff said. “I will, as I get real close, like the day before. Even then I’m not going to write a speech, I’ll probably make six or eight bullet points and in my own mind think of a couple transitions between them and then I’ll just go out and improv it.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit 83 Weeks with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.