Exclusive: Chavo Guerrero Reveals Details About Scrapped Final GLOW Season

On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, WWE and WCW veteran Chavo Guerrero returned to the podcast to discuss his work as wrestling coordinator on the new hit show Young Rock. Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked Guerrero how much his role on GLOW, where he held a similar position, helped him on Young Rock.

"Huge help. Every kind of step I've done has progressed me to where I'm at now," Guerrero admitted. "A little bit from WCW but WWE for sure, 100%, and then leaving WWE ,and then going to Lucha Underground and kind of supervising producing that, and then going to GLOW, that was the Harvard of television right there, and then to Young Rock. Definitely the progression helped.

"If I didn't have these steps, definitely would not have been able to do at least the job that I do there because I'm looking at it in a completely different way. Now, I'm looking at the camera angles. I'm looking at it as a director. I'm looking at it like, 'okay, maybe we're going to do this lens here. We're going to shoot it here. This is  slow motion.' Now I know all the terminology and what they want, I can hopefully get that tone."

Hausman noted the amount of pro wrestling people coming together for Young Rock from former WWE head writer and co-executive producer Brian Gewirtz, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and himself. Guerrero talked about the bittersweet moments of working on the final season of GLOW before pivoting to working on the first season of Young Rock.

"Super exciting. It was hard because I was filming the fourth season of GLOW," Guerrero recalled. "We had filmed two episodes, and the pandemic hit and shut everything down. And we were going to come back. After six months, we were still going to come back, and then all of a sudden, they pulled the plug and said, they just got to trim some fat and some budget stuff.

"We were all super bummed, but if I was still doing GLOW, maybe I wouldn't have been able to do this show, and that was our last season of GLOW. This is the first season of [Young] Rock, and if it keeps going the way it is, we're going to have several more to come. Everything happens for a reason, and hopefully, this continues, but being able to work with Brian, and with Dwayne and so many other people, it's really really cool."

Due to the pandemic, GLOW's final season was cancelled. Guerrero noted the pro wrestling stars he brought in for the final season, and he gave a tease for possible future closure for the series.

"We wanted that closure at least. We had the scripts all done and all the steps were done," Guerrero recalled. "We knew where we were going with it, and God, it was gonna be so good. It was going to be very wrestling heavy season, so I was really looking forward to that. All the actresses were looking forward to that because they loved that part.

"They love the acting don't get me wrong, but they loved getting in the ring because it made them feel strong and badass. We already filmed two episodes and some great wrestling scenes in there, and I brought in Taya Valkyrie to do some stuff. I had Victoria coming in. I had possibly Gail Kim coming in.

"I had some good little nuggets in there, and then when the plug got pulled, man, we were all sad. Some of the texts from from the actresses to me were so sad because there was no closure. We had no goodbye, no wrap party, nothing like that. It just stopped. So hopefully, in the future, if all the fans really really want that, we can do a Netflix movie and get some closure on it, but we'll see in the future.

Shows like "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" have found homes on other networks after their show was cancelled. Hausman asked Guerrero if GLOW could find a home on another network or distributor.

"That's above my pay grade as much as I want to say, 'absolutely great, that'd be awesome.' If it was up to me, heck yes, absolutely," Guerrero admitted. "I think there's a huge audience for it. I'd love to tell you yes. Maybe in the future."

GLOW gained a lot of fans ranging from pro wrestling fans to TV fans. Guerrero explained how GLOW was always more than just a pro wrestling show.

"What we loved about GLOW was that it wasn't just wrestling," Guerrero pointed out. "In the third season, they dove so much into character building and just a lot of today's topics, whether it be sexuality or race. It was so cool how they just incorporated all that, and then we went back to wrestling. We hid wrestling in a TV show. [Bash was] so great. He was so good. Chris [Lowell] was so good."

Young Rock airs every Tuesday night at 8/7c on NBC. You can follow Chavo on Twitter @MexWarrior. The full audio and video from Chavo's interview can be found via the embedded players below: