Exclusive News On When Mustafa Ali Was Injured, Retribution Creative Plans

While asking around about the future of Retribution this morning, Wrestling Inc. learned that Mustafa Ali has been working injured since December of 2020. As was noted on The Wrestling Inc. Daily earlier today, we were told that Ali initially tore his PCL in his match against Ricochet on the December 28, 2020 episode of RAW. Ali won that match by submission and would go on to berate Ricochet in a post-match promo.


Ali decided to work through the injury. During the Royal Rumble match this past January, his leg locked almost as soon as he hit the ring. Ali went on to work the match for nearly thirteen minutes and successfully eliminated Xavier Woods. The day after the Rumble, Ali underwent an MRI and was told that the injury would require surgery and rehab.

From what we are told, it was around this time that Ali began to regularly berate the other members of Retribution rather than undergoing surgery. The idea that had been pitched to the group was that if Ali was willing to work through the injury and keep the group going for the time being, there would be some big blow-off with Retribution disbanding at WrestleMania 37.


Ali has seemingly been working through the injury to allow the group to have a proper send-off at WrestleMania. However, it appears that WWE decided to do the break-up sooner than expected at last night's Fastlane pay-per-view. The event saw the members of Retribution walk out on Ali following his loss to WWE United States Champion Matt Riddle. We are unsure if that is the definitive end of the group, as WWE could always try to string the story along for a few more weeks, but as of now it's possible that Retribution formally disbanded last night.

There is currently no tease at all regarding Retribution for tonight's RAW. Stay with Wrestling Inc. for all the latest regarding the future of the group.