Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch takes place at AEW Revolution

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega retained his title against Jon Moxley in a Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch on tonight's Revolution PPV.

A very bloody encounter saw both wrestlers get thrown into the explosive sides of the ring and out on the floor. Near the end of the match, The Good Brothers came out to help Omega win the match. Omega landed one winged angel on a chair to finally put the challenger away.

Post-match, Moxley gets handcuffed and beaten up some more by Omega, Doc, and Karl. The time eventually began to countdown as Moxley was left alone in the ring, as per the stipulation a massive explosion was set to go off.

Eddie Kingston ran out to protect his friend, but couldn't get him out and just covered Moxley. The "big" explosion at the end was sparklers on the four ring posts, followed by smaller explosions on each side of the ring. The live crowd was not thrilled with that display as boos could be heard.

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Below are highlights from the match: