Former Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Rohit Raju has been a staple of Impact programming for well over a year, but has yet to really interact with any AEW talent during the two promotions’ ongoing crossover.

Speaking on The Angle Podcast, Raju emphasized how much he loves the crossover, but is getting sick of AEW CEO Tony Khan’s “paid advertisements.”

“I think it’s really cool. As a kid I remember wanting to see something like that for the longest time,” Raju said. “I am getting tired of Tony Khan showing up with these paid advertisements. I can cut a promo and obliterate their entire roster with a microphone. I hope something deeper happens where it is a crossover. Seeing Kenny [Omega] in our ring was fantastic. Then seeing The Good Brothers other there, it’s great man. It really bothers me when fans don’t get it or they don’t like it or they don’t realize how awesome it is to be a professional wrestling fan right now. I dreamed of something like this happening. You should be head over heels and wanting more of it. I’ll never understand the hate and negativity surrounding companies like that.”

After failing to regain the X-Division Title at Hard to Kill, Raju has his future sights set on Jake Something.

“Honestly though, if a title run or feud or shot isn’t in my future at the moment, when he’s all said and done with Violent by Design, I would really like to rekindle my feud that I’ve had for years with him on the indies,” Raju said. “I’m going to call out Jake Something right now. When he’s all said and done with what he’s got going on, he can come and find his boy and we can tear it up at Impact.”

The AEW/Impact Wrestling crossover has been the talk of the wrestling world ever since Don Callis announced Kenny Omega would be appearing on Tuesday’s squared circle broadcast. While Raju has yet to mix it up with any All Elite wrestlers, he has a list of names he’d “love to” square off with.

“I’d love to go lock horns with Sonny Kiss,” Raju said. “I’ve put me vs. Sting into the universe a million times. I want to be in the ring with Sting he was one of my favorite wrestlers as a kid. I think when people talk about greats they don’t mention his name enough. I’d love to go on the microphone against a Jericho or MJF. Private Party and me and Shera, locking horns with those guys. The possibilities are endless.”

While the X-Division highlights high-flying agility, Raju admittedly has few flips in his arsenal. The former champion noted he prefers to emphasize character work over a flashy move-set.

“I’m not a stereotypical X-Division guy, where it’s a lot of fireworks, fireworks, fireworks, and this,” Raju said. “No, I’m a big fan of character work, slowing things down, and a lot of in between things. I want to be the direct opposite of everybody else. So if everyone is doing 1o Canadian Destroyers, I don’t want to do any.”

Raju had his DNA intertwined in the X-Division for well over a year, but is looking to branch out soon. Since former Desi Hit Squad stablemate Shera returned to Impact, Raju has flirted with the idea of going after the Tag Team Titles.

“I think Shera is a lot better now than he was when we first got together,” Raju said. “We know each other a lot better as well. He’s at OVW every Tuesday in the ring he’s been training. As long as we can start to gel, I do think the tag team belts are in our future.”