John Laurinaitis Returns As WWE’s Head Of Talent Relations

John Laurinaitis finds himself back in a familiar role. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Laurinaitis is back in the role of WWE's Head of Talent Relations.

WWE has yet to officially announce Laurinaitis' promotion. The former WCW and All Japan star first started as WWE's Head of Talent relations in 2004 after Jim Ross stepped down.

Under Laurinaitis' tenure WWE signed future stars like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

Laurinaitis resigned from the position in 2012, but he has remained in WWE since, working as a producer / road agent. He is also remembered for his run as an authority figure on WWE TV, where he largely lampooned his real life position.

Meltzer also states that WWE's talent relations will now be split into talent management and talent branding. The latter department will focus on opportunities for talent outside of WWE. This would include movies, TV shows and other appearances.

There is no word on the status of Mark Carrano, who had previously served as Head of Talent Relations.