John Silver Shares A Story About Brodie Lee’s Generosity

Over the last year John Silver has made a name for himself in both AEW and on Being The Elite. He is part of The Dark Order with AEW but has appeared in several comedic skits on BTE which even led to him being crowned the BTE World Champion.


Silver talked about his BTE appearances and where he gets the content from in an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

"I don't know if it was Uno's idea or Matt Jackson's for us. He mentioned that we should do some recruitment bits for BTE. Uno said it would be good for Johnny and Alex [Reynolds]. The first thing we filmed was a reason why we should recruit people," recalled Silver. "We had us in the room, Brodie comes in, throws the papers at Uno and we saw so many comments about that bit. After that we knew we needed to film stuff. We need Brodie, we need the whole group.

"BTE is 100 percent our ideas, 100 percent stuff we say. It's just us being us, no one is telling us to do anything. It's cool that people are liking it because that means they are liking us as people. There's not much of a character that I'm playing, it's just us joking around really. It's crazy how much that affects Dynamite. If you stuff on BTE, people will start chanting it at the Dynamite shows."


Silver mentioned Brodie Lee and he was close with his fellow Dark Order member so Lee's untimely death hit him hard. Silver was one of the AEW wrestlers chosen to take part in the Brodie Lee Tribute Show on Dynamite in December in which he teamed with Adam Page and Alex Reynolds to take on MJF, Ortiz and Santana.

Silver recalled that emotional tribute show and why he had to adjust on the fly for it.

"I'm a pretty emotional guy, so that was difficult, but I thought I was going to be worse. The whole day was difficult, being around people. It was good too, but I'm like I can't stop thinking about this. The match itself, if you look at the first match [Colt Cabana and The Young Bucks vs Matt Hardy and Private Party], if you look, I wasn't there for the entrance. I come in late because I went to the back," said Silver. "I went to my room and I was not in a good mood. I forgot Colt was up and I forgot I had to do the entrance. When I heard the music and I thought screw it, I started running. You don't see me coming out with them, but when Colt eventually does the pose, I'm there.

"The match itself, I got out there and I have the match on my mind. In a sense it is taking me away from Brodie, but it's something to think about. It was right after once I hit the [discus] line, it kind of all hit me at once. So, it was very difficult but it all hit me at once."


Lee was in AEW for just a couple of months but he made a lasting impression on everyone he met. Silver talked about Lee as a person and shared an anecdote of the kindness and generosity that he had.

"He was the man. He was such a happy, good guy. There was no negativity, he was always laughing, he would always have this big smile, especially with this big beard he had going on. But he's just a good guy," said Silver.

"He bought the ring jacket I have just because it would help me look more like a star if I had it. He also bought me matching gear that I wore at the Brodie show. It was just supposed to be for the BTE sketch, and then I asked him and he's like, 'I want to buy you this stuff. It's going to be cool.' I'm like that's so cool, what's the sketch? He's like I don't know, we'll think of something. He didn't have a real idea in mind, but he thought it would be funny if Silver dresses like me one day. It wasn't cheap gear, altogether it cost over $1,000 that he spent on me that he didn't have to, I didn't ask for it. Just because he thought it would be good for BTE and for me and the skits we do.

"He's just super nice, always positive. I don't think anyone has a bad thing to ever say about him. He was such a good guy, such a genuine guy and so funny too. We're trying to get through these sketches, and he would purposely try his absolute hardest to make me laugh. If I laugh, we've got to do it again. You see so many sketches of him getting right into my face and screaming sh*t at me, and just trying to make me laugh. It always worked, which is why we had to start pretending we were crying because we were always laughing."


Silver has accomplished much in his nearly year-and-a-half with AEW but he's also looking at the next goals he wants to check off. He shared some of his future goals including a specific merchandise item he'd like to have.

"I want to keep the ball rolling forward. Right now, I really can't wait until the full force crowds come back, it's going to be a whole different world. I always want to be on TV and relevant. I don't want to fall off for a few weeks. Of course, you want to win the belt. This year I want an action figure too," stated Silver.