NXT Star Kyle O’Reilly took to Twitter this afternoon to reveal that he has “re-aggravated his neck injury” due to last night’s attack on Adam Cole.

His revenge on Cole has now cost him “another 2-3 weeks of added recovery time.”

He tweeted, “I may have not been ‘medically cleared’ and perhaps I ‘snuck into the building’ but I’ll be damned if that didn’t feel f’n great. I’m willing to accept responsibility for my actions… something Adam Cole will never do. Now I’m being told another 2-3 weeks added to my recovery time for re-aggravating my neck last night. How many weeks is that now? Weeks won’t keep me away from beating the sh*t out of that SOB.”

On last night’s NXT, Finn Balor retained the NXT Championship by defeating Adam Cole. O’Reilly helped with the win, by distracting Cole.

After Cole was distracted by O’Reilly’s appearance, Balor hit a dive to the outside, a 1916 DDT on the floor, and the Coup de Grace in the ring to get the win.