Paul Wight On How Brock Lesnar Influenced His Career

Paul Wight appeared on the latest episode of Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette. In addition to talking about his jump from WWE to AEW, Wight's reminisced about his start in WCW. He noted that his signing involved Danny Bonaduce.


"My was doing the morning drive with Danny Bonaduce in Chicago," White recalled. "So we went in to do the show. And I told him I had always love wrestling. Maybe I could be one of those guys that could get beat up. And he said 'oh I know Hulk Hogan! I'm doing this thing with Hogan and Mr. T. You can be my wringer!' I said okay. It was at a Chicago Wolves game at halftime; Mr. T and Hulk Hogan vs. Danny Bonaduce and a secret partner. I think it was for charity thing. So Danny introduced me to Hulk that night.

"It was funny cause I guess Hogan had seen me earlier in the crowd. He was elbowing Linda in the crowd saying 'he looks like Andre!' Hogan got moist immediately. Then he found out I was an athlete and I wanted to wrestle. I did the worse thing you could do which is an impersonation of a wrestler. Luckily for me it worked out. So I flew down to Atlanta to meet Eric Bischoff, and they offered me $700 a week to work at the Power Plant. And I was just blown away."


Wight also discussed his old rival, Brock Lesnar. Notably he shared a story of Lesnar scaring fans after they arrived for a tour in Australia.

"So we come right to the (airport gate)," said White. "And they had some little club rope trying to keep everyone away. It was pretty bad. Brock comes out with his glasses on, blonde hair; just mad at the world because he's been traveling for 20 hours. If you know Brock, he's the sweetest guy you've ever met if he likes you. If he doesn't... it's not going to end well for you.

"And I remember pictures going off, people are screaming; someone snatched his glasses off. He looked at everybody like this and everyone pulled their cameras down. And everyone there got scared. Then he flinched and 300 people went "HUH!" They all gasped. I started laughing so hard. And he says 'I appreciate it in advance before you take a picture.' Then he walks off. And I have tears in my eyes. Because I just watched 300 people pee themselves!"

Wight also credited Lesnar for turning his career around during their 2002 feud.

"For a long time I had a lot of heat up there (in WWE)," said Wight. "Brock knew me. And they asked Brock and he said 'I want to work with the Giant. You guys don't know how good he is.' And then we had that stretcher match. After that it was off and running."


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