PCO On Andrade Possibly Signing With ROH: “Hopefully We Can Get Him”

The Wrestling Inc. Daily welcomed former Ring of Honor Champion PCO on today's episode of the podcast. Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman brought up the news of Andrade's WWE release, and he asked PCO if he could see Andrade going to ROH to reunite with his fellow Los Ingobernables stablemate RUSH.


"That'd be great for LFI, for RUSH, and Dragon Lee, and Kenny King and La Bestia. That would be natural," PCO noted. "That'd be awesome. I really don't understand why he got let go because he's talented, and he's not only all Lucha. He's good at the American wrestling as well. He's awesome. He's a great talent. I think it would be a hell of an addition for us for Ring of Honor. I'm like you, very curious to know what's going to be the next step for him. Hopefully we can get him."

PCO also gave his thoughts on the current state of ROH. He mentioned one of ROH's recent signings, Danhausen, and talked about what he brings to the company.

"I think we're putting great content out, but I think once we go back to normal, we'll be able to have more matches for two hours. Right now, we've got a UFC format. You have the story of the wrestler, then you have the match itself, which is very kind of technical going back to the foundation, like our faction. We're going back there because it was a pandemic, and I think it was a good reason to go back there.


"And I think it's slowly building up, like you said, with Danhausen, like myself. We are characters that are outside of the typical Ring of Honor wrestlers. It's a variety of different talents, and of course, the core of Ring of Honor is pure wrestling, and honor and the Code of Honor, but I think people will be surprised and amazed at how creative the other aspects of the wrestling business can be. It's gonna be pretty awesome."

Hausman followed up and asked PCO his further thoughts on Danhausen. PCO and Danhausen are both unique characters with a large fanbase on social media.

"I think he's going to bring something else to the table, something very different, and I think it's going to be good," PCO expressed. "It's like if you have a meal, you want to have your salad, and then you want to have your meal and you want to have a good dessert. You don't want the same thing all the time. You need a little bit of everything. A little bit of fruit to make that fruit salad. I'm bringing that too. I did bring that for the last two years.

"I think I'm still bringing another notch that people haven't seen yet. I'm bringing another dimension right now. It's going to be a different PCO. Danhausen is bringing something else also with his character, which is totally different from mine but very similar, so it's pretty paradoxal to explain this. Two extremes but similar to the core of the character, but I think he's a little bit more comedy. But he's got some seriousness into it. I think he's great. All his interviews, the way he talks, the way he does his promos and things like that, I think it's very entertaining. He's worth his dollars."


PCO's social media following is mainly attributed to his "Monday Night PCO & Destro" series of videos on Twitter. Hausman noted that while the videos can be terrifying, there is also a blend of comedy as well. PCO used an AWA interview segment involving Mean Gene Okerlund and Mad Dog Vachon as an example of what he does in his videos.

"Well, the thing with PCO is if I do something that makes you laugh, I don't do it on purpose," PCO explained. "I'm going to give you an example, Mean Gene Okerlund and Mad Dog Vachon. People should go see AWA where Mad Dog Vachon is going against Jerry Blackwell, and he goes, I think he mixed up the name, 'Fatwell, this is a Pine Box!' He has the hammer and the nails. Bang! Bang! He misses the nails, but you're kind of scared of Mad Dog. You don't tell him like on the street, 'Hey, you're stupid or anything like that.' You'd be afraid of him, but the way that he misses the nails all the time. He's almost crushing the whole pine box instead of building it. It's kind of funny but scary at the same time.

"I think PCO is going to another level where I've got a lot of problems with my connections, and I can snap anytime. It makes PCO very unpredictable, almost as a heel, but that's not his fault because the electricity levels aren't right. The neurological pathways, the current is not right. There's a lot of work to be done by Destro trying to fix it, but he can never have the perfect recipe to fix it. So he's trying hard all the time, but that gives another dimension to that character where you don't know what's gonna happen next. So a lot of things can happen now with PCO. It could be very very dramatic at times."


You can follow PCO on Twitter @PCOisNotHuman. You can find the full audio and video from PCO's interview below: