Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone recently sat down with AEW star Red Velvet on a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast. Velvet announced her engagement to former Impact star Wes Brisco, and she talked about keeping their engagement a secret.

We actually got engaged in November on Thanksgiving, but I kept it a secret. I kayfabed everyone,” Velvet admitted. “I was at tapings, and I got caught one night. It was Tuesday night practices, and I got caught by Kilynn [King] because I had to do something where I put my hands over.

“And she was like, ‘Wait, you’re wearing one of those rubber bands. Are you engaged?’ and I’m like, ‘No girl. I wear my band as respect to my man, and I’m in a relationship.’ And then after, when the announcement came out, she’s like, ‘You lied to me!’ I was like, ‘I know. I’m sorry.'”

Velvet then talked about how her relationship with Briscoe began. She admitted that she didn’t know that Wes was on the son of a WWE Hall of Famer, and she revealed Wes’ pick-up line.

“The first time I ever met Wes was at an indie show that I was with my boyfriend at the time with. It was so weird,” Velvet recalled. “I went with my boyfriend at the time, and it was an all-male show. We want to go watch the show, and I shook hands with him. He was nice, very subtle. Then I saw him another time at another show years later, and, that sounds so bad, I had another boyfriend at that show.

“He was at that show too, and I remember I looked from afar. And I was like, ‘He’s so attractive,’ and he was like, ‘Hey Red Velvet! How are you?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, he remembers me?’ We said hello years before. I never even thought he remembered me, and I had no idea that he was Gerald Brisco’s son at all, until Gerald was at the show. And I saw them together, and I’m like, ‘Oh wow, they really do look alike.’ I found out they were father and son, and I’m like, oh, that all make sense.

“And he just walked up to me, and he said, ‘You have the most prettiest cheekbones and line structure. If we had kids together, they would be gorgeous.’ That’s all he said, and then he said, ‘Do you want to put your stuff next to my merch table?’ I’m like, sure. That was it, never talked, nothing.”

The two are in the professional wrestling world, and she said that Wes ended up being an agent for her match at an indie show. She talked about how they got closer after the show.

“Finally, August of 2019, I had a show, and he ended up being my agent. And he was super professional,” Velvet stated. “I actually thought he was really mean because he’s so tattooed and just so quiet, and I thought he was really mean. He was so sweet, very caring, very professional agent. Just agented the match and that’s it, and at the end of the show, I had to make a drive. It was in Orlando, and I was still living in Miami.

“I had to make the drive at 11:00 at night, and he was like, ‘I just want your phone number so I can call you and make sure that you get home. It’s late, and I know you have to make the drive.’ First he said, ‘Do you want to grab something to eat before you get on the road?’ I didn’t know him. I didn’t know if he was psycho. I was like, na, I’m good. I’m just gonna drive straight home. So then he asked me for my number, and then he stayed on the phone with me the entire time that I drove. And then I ghosted him for like a week or two.”

The two didn’t speak to one another after. However, she revealed an unique situation she found herself in when Wes called her some time later.

“We didn’t really talk, and then one day he said, ‘You should come hang out with me in Orlando.’ And I just made the drive,” Velvet said. “I didn’t know if he was a psycho. I didn’t know if he was gonna kill me when I got there, and then I just got to his house. And he had no shirt on, and he was trying to catch a gator in his backyard that was in the lake.

“He hands me the tape, and he’s like, ‘Here, help me tape the gator’s mouth before we go eat.’ I’m like, okay. Thank God the gator got lost somewhere. I didn’t have to tie it up. I’m like, what are you gonna do? He’s like, ‘I’m gonna call the county, so they can take it out.’ He’s a surfer and stuff. So he loves the ocean. He hates to litter, super green friendly. So he was trying to get the gator out so no one would get hurt, or it wouldn’t eat anyone’s dog.”

When they went out later, Velvet explained that Wes made his move. After a comment he made to his friend, she knew that they were meant to be.

“We go out to eat, and somebody recognizes him, the pizza guy. We went to a pizza place,” Velvet recalled. “We ordered a medium pizza, and we get an extra large pizza. And we look at each other, and we’re like, is this your medium? He’s like, ‘No, the cook is a huge fan of him, and we just want to give him the pizza.’ And he’s super red, looking down. I didn’t even know who he was really, so I didn’t care.

“I’m a wrestler too. So I don’t know if he was embarrassed and thought I was gold-digging or something. Then we went to downtown Orlando that night, and he introduced me to the bartender, his friend. And he says, ‘This is Stephanie (Red Velvet’s real name), and this is the love of my life.’ This is our first date. I kid you not, somewhere in my heart, I was like, I think he’s right.

“Anyone else, I would have ghosted them, never talked to them. You’re weird. What the heck? Something in my heart felt like he was really speaking the truth, and to this day, he says that he had scouted me the entire time. And he knew that I was the one. He was just waiting for the right time.”

Velvet admitted that she was afraid of Gerald when she first met him. She recalled what she and Wes had to do to try to gain Gerald’s trust.

“I was so scared of him when I first met him,” Velvet admitted. “When I first met him, I was like, oh my God, because Wes said, ‘You’re going to win over my mom easily. You have to win over my dad, and it’s not easy.’ I met his mom, and she was great. And then I had to walk in the house and meet him, and he was like, ‘Hi, how are you?’ He was very, not stern, but just calm.

“We hid that I was a wrestler because we didn’t want his dad to think that I had alternative motives. So we hid for a couple months that I was a wrestler, until he caught on, and I guess maybe searched me or saw my Instagram. I just didn’t want him to think I had ulterior motives because I didn’t. I really did love his son, and I told him, I had no idea who your son was. I didn’t know you guys were related. I didn’t have any alternative motives.”

Velvet said that they get along well now to the point where Gerald takes notes of her matches and gives her advice. She recalled a piece of advice Gerald gave to her when she first went to AEW.

“Now, we talk all the time,” Velvet noted. “He watches every one of my matches, every one of them, and he sits down with a notebook and a pen. And he writes all these critiques, and he’s just so good about it. He gets so happy, and he’s given me great advice. He gave me advice a couple days before I came to AEW for the first time.

“He said to me, ‘Don’t pretend to be somebody you’re not. Don’t hang around people because you don’t know anyone and you don’t want to be alone because if those people aren’t in good light, you are associated by that. You go in there. You do what you have to do. You shake people’s hand. Do not annoy people by going to shake every single person’s hand if they’re doing something. I’ve been around for a long time. I hate that. I know that’s what they tell you, but you just mind your business. Be yourself.’ So when I went, I was trying to be as much as myself and not trying to put my nose and try to fit in or anything like that, and it worked out, so it’s been great. He’s just so good. Anytime I have any questions, I can just go ahead and ask him because he knows so much.”

Velvet revealed that Wes loves to cook, and she is a good baker as well. She expressed her hope that the two can create a cooking channel in the future.

“He’s an amazing cook,” Velvet stated. “It took me a while to give in and admit it. Not admit it but you want to be the woman and stuff like that. But he’s an amazing cook. So I just gave up. I let him have that role, and I love to bake. And that is not his forte. So we mesh perfectly, and I know a couple fans ask, do I bake?

“Yes, I do bake. The name never came from the baking, which was the funny part, but I do love to bake, and we want to do a cooking show together. We don’t want to open up a restaurant because he loves to cook, but he never wants it to be pressured. He loves to cook for family and stuff like that. So we don’t want to open up a restaurant, but we do want to start a YouTube channel where we cook all sorts of things.”

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