Ric Flair Reveals Who He Wants To Break His Sixteen Time World Title Record

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer and 16-time world champion "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair returned to The Wrestling Inc. Daily as part of a celebration of his 72nd birthday week. Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman pointed out that John Cena is tied with Flair at 16 world championships a piece. Randy Orton is close behind them with 14 world titles and Hausman asked Flair who he would like to see break his record.

"I think every record's meant to be broken, number one," Flair noted. "I couldn't be prouder. I think the world of them both. To be honest with you, I would like to see my daughter break it. Randy Orton has expressed the sentiment to me too. Who knows? It's funny because I would love to see Randy break it. John, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to John breaking it, but I think the person that breaks it needs to be a full-time performer, just because I think it's better for the company, not that it matters who the individual is.

"I got all 16 of them in 20 years. It's hard to imagine, but I can see John, Randy or Charlotte doing it. I will say to her sometimes there are so many big matches for her. There's another huge match with her and Sasha [Banks], another huge match with her and Bianca Belair [and] another huge match with her and Rhea Ripley if they have the time. They certainly have the chemistry if they have the opportunity to build those. That's just to name a couple. Ashley will be the best at this as long as she wants to be, health being a big factor.

"You need to be able to stay in good health and stay in great shape. She does. You can't take days off. Randy had some injuries that he came back from. Those shoulders have held up for him. There was a time, I think, where they were career-threatening injuries, his shoulder, but he's been great. He's healthy. He takes good care of himself, and John, of course, is a physical specimen, second to none. Same as I think of Ashley."

As Hausman and Flair recounted his legendary career they got to the point in 2013 when Flair become The Miz's mentor. Flair spoke highly of The Miz, noting the obstacles he has overcome in his career.

"I have nothing but respect for him," Flair expressed. "He is a guy that's come up and been... he is incredibly passionate about this business, and he cares so much. And even watching him last night walking around talking to himself for a half hour preparing for the interview. I know that he's had obstacles here. He's overcome them all. He's happily married. He's got two kids, and there's always going to be a place for a guy like him because he's just that good a guy.

"And the thing that I tell a lot of people is if you can take all the stuff they give you and somehow turn it into something that becomes entertaining, something that you can make entertaining, even if you don't like it, you'll be here forever. They're not going to hand you the boat everyday. There will be days when they're going to say, 'I need you to do this.' You're going to go, 'I can't do that.' Find a way to do it. You're not gone. It's just, why not? They made all this money, and they ask you to do something. It took me forever to get used to it, but once I did... they put me in an insane asylum at WCW!"

While talking about how supportive his family has bee his son-in-law and renowned podcast host Conrad Thompson came up. Flair talked about how important he and Thompson have been to each other's lives and careers.

"He has done so much for me. I reconnected with Wendy (his wife), and then I met Conrad and Ashley (Charlotte), of course, is in the business by that time in NXT for a couple of years," Ric said. "From the time I met him, I took him everywhere with me. Then they wanted me to do a podcast. I listen to them, and I like them.

"And there is money to be made more now because of the YouTube stuff, but I'm just not a good podcaster, especially [since] you cannot give an opinion when you have someone in the business because if you critique somebody, once again, you open up the member of your family to be criticized by their co-workers. 'Well, your dad's got a big mouth. This and that.' I basically am very careful about what I say and try to choose my words wisely. I'm not always perfect, but certainly a podcast wasn't the format, but Conrad took that, and I said, 'Conrad, I don't want to do it anymore.' And he took it and look what he's gone now.

"He gave me life. I introduced him to the podcast, and then he marries my daughter. How about that? It is a fairytale story. He helps me get back on my feet. I introduced him, regardless of the fact he's a millionaire with his company First Family Mortgage. His love was wrestling, and I took him everywhere and introduced him to everybody. And now he's working with some of my best friends in Jim Ross, and Bruce Prichard and then working with... other people. I can assure you, Conrad would have come to Reid's funeral."

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