The Young Bucks comment on AEW Signing Paul Wight

AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks spoke with Robbie Fox of Bartstool Sports before their upcoming tag title match against Chris Jericho and MJF at tomorrow's Revolution PPV.

During their conversation, Paul Wight signing with AEW was brought up. Wight debuted on this past Wednesday's Dynamite where he announced another big signing would be revealed on Sunday.


Wight is set to wrestle in AEW from time-to-time and work as the color commentator for AEW Dark: Elevation on Mondays at 7 pm on AEW's YouTube channel, beginning March 15.

As someone who had been with WWE since 1999, it was thought by most — including Nick and Matt Jackson — that Wight would be a WWE lifer.

"Tony [Khan] — I want to say maybe about a month ago — wanted to tell us something, and he gathered us up with Kenny [Omega]," Nick recalled. "'Hey, what do you guys think of signing the Big Show?' We're like, "What?!' Our reactions was like, 'Really? I thought he'd be a lifetime WWE guy.' He said, 'Well, he wants to come play.'"

Nick continued that the group said "let's do it" and Wight was brought in shortly after. You can check out The Young Bucks full comments in the clip below.