Triple H On WWE NXT Fans Following The Show To Tuesdays

Triple H is confident that WWE NXT viewers will follow the show from Wednesdays to Tuesdays on the USA Network.

As noted earlier, WWE and USA officially announced this morning that NXT will be moving to Tuesdays on April 13. This is the first episode to air after next week's two-night "Takeover: Stand and Deliver" event. Triple H spoke with Joe Otterson of Variety and said the decision to initially have NXT on Wednesdays was to keep things consistent with its original timeslot on the WWE Network. Now that NXT is firmly established on cable, WWE officials feel like moving the show to another night is less of an issue.

"We now feel like we're in a good place where we can move that consistent fanbase over to Tuesdays," Triple H said. "We believe they'll follow us. That way we can grow the brand more given the lead in from 'Monday Night Raw,' which we've seen in the past."

NXT will now air on Peacock and the WWE Network each Wednesday. Triple H commented on what Peacock brings to the brand.

"The ability for us to be on [Peacock], a bigger platform where so many more people have the opportunity to experience it and and to let it grow into something more, is very exciting," Triple H said. "And once you sample it, we believe that the product is something that people will stick with and become involved in."