Update On If Peacock Will Run Ads During WWE PPVs

After speaking with a Peacock PR rep, PWInsider reported no commercial breaks will be inserted during upcoming WWE PPVs.

Sunday's Fastlane PPV will be the first WWE PPV on Peacock, and it will also stream on the WWE Network. As noted, WrestleMania 37 (April 10 and 11) is set to be the first WWE PPV to stream exclusively on Peacock in the U.S.

WWE officially launched on Peacock earlier this week with some new episodes and series rolling out (schedule here).

The report also noted WWE content that streams on-demand will include advertisements.

There is a Peacock Premier Plus package for $9.99 that has no ads, but it wasn't made clear if WWE on-demand programming will still have ads or not under that tier. In an article by Variety, it was reported Peacock runs only five minutes of ads per hour of content.

WWE's entire library is expected to be available before SummerSlam in late August. The WWE Network will no longer be available to U.S. customers beginning Monday, April 5.