WWE has released new backstage promos from WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Jey Uso as they prepare for tonight’s SmackDown main event.

Edge said he’s excited to get in the ring with Uso and talked about how he wanted to come back to WWE and work with a generation of wrestlers that he had never mixed it up with.

“I’m excited,” Edge said. “You know, what I’m really excited about, too, is to get in there with Jey Uso because for me, so far since I’ve come back I’ve had the Royal Rumble Match, but my only opponent so far has been Randy Orton, and Randy and I, we know each other like the back of our hands, and I needed that, I needed to have that, but now it’s time for me to get in with this new generation of talent.

“I say new… Jey Uso is new to me, he ain’t new to all of you, but that’s real fun, that’s invigorating, that’s one of the main reasons I wanted to come back was to be able to get in with an entire new generation of talent that I’ve never laid hands on, and that’s super fun.”

Uso responded and said tonight he will welcome The Rated R Superstar back.

“It’s been 11 long years for you, Uce,” Jey said. “And you said you want to get in the ring with the new generation? The new generation is me. I stepped up. Main Event Jey Uso. Edge, tonight Uce, I welcome you back.”

The winner of tonight’s match will be the Special Enforcer for Sunday’s WWE Fastlane main event between Daniel Bryan and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Stay tuned for live SmackDown coverage at 8pm ET. Below are the two promos with Edge and Uso: