Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman is back to host the latest episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast! The Wrestling Inc Daily is released Monday-Friday afternoon. Click HERE to subscribe on iTunes.

Today’s episode features:

Second City’s EJ Cameron joining Nick to talk all the pro wrestling news from the last twenty-four hours. Including:

* Bobby Lashley winning the WWE Championship

* Charlotte challenging Asuka to a WrestleMania 37 match

* Chelsea Green re-signing with WWE

* Randy Orton vs. Soulja Boy

* AEW’s first mobile game

Nick’s interview with Young Rock’s Wrestling Coordinator Chavo Guerrero. Featuring Guerrero discussing:

* How he got involved with Young Rock

* How engaged Dwayne Johnson was with the show

* Growing up in a pro wrestling family

* GLOW’s sudden cancellation

* Hollywood opening up to the “pro wrestling sitcom” genre

The latest installment of the Wrestling Inc. Daily mailbag discussing what upcoming season three episode of Dark Side of The Ring you are most looking forward to

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