AJ Gray Wants To Help JTG “Become The Star He Should Have Been”

On today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, former GCW World Champion AJ Gray made his return to the podcast. Gray has producing and promoting tonight's For The Culture event where he will take on WWE veteran JTG. He revealed why he chose JTG as his opponent and which match will main event the show.

"You remember the last time I talked to you. I was like, yeah, I'll help JTG become the star he should have been," Gray recalled. "That's the reason right there. Rich Swann and 2 Cold Scorpio [are the main event]. Let's be real. Rich Swann – 2 Cold Scorpio. There's gonna be two matches after mine. Rich Swann and 2 Cold Scorpio and f**king Lio Rush and Lee Moriarty. Come on, those are two marquee matches. I'm not saying me and JTG isn't, but I can call a spade a spade, and I can respect others as well. Let's be real here."

Hausman then asked what it's like to have JTG in the locker room. Gray described what JTG brings that not a lot of other indie wrestlers have.

"He brings a side of wrestling that not a lot of people have. He was in WWE for almost a decade," Gray pointed out. "He brings that. No one has that experience on the table. He brings that to the locker room, and he brings a great attitude. I've never seen that man in a bad mood. He's always excited to be there, always ready to do whatever it takes just to make the show good. He brings that to the table. He's yolked right now. Well, he's always been yolked. Let's be real."

JTG was released by WWE in 2014. Since then, he has been working on the indies with very little news regarding him signing with another major promotion. Hausman asked Gray why he thinks JTG has not been signed back to a major promotion.

"It's wrestling. Weird things in wrestling happen," Gray noted. "Weird things in wrestling happen all the time. He needs to get his legitimate run. He needs to get his own run right now. I want to see him with his run. No offense to him being a tag team guy but I don't want to see him in a tag team. I want to see him be JTG on his own for once. I think he deserves that because he's put in the work for it."

You can follow AJ on Twitter @RichHomieJuice. GCW's The Collective presents For The Culture tonight at Midnight EST on FITE. You can find the full audio and video from AJ's interview below: