Last night at WrestleMania, fans witnessed one of the more bizarre storylines on display as The Fiend was defeated by Randy Orton in a relatively short match. Being distracted by an oozing Alexa Bliss, The Fiend turned his back on Orton which allowed the “Legend Killer” to take advantage and deliver the RKO.

Twenty-four hours later, Bray Wyatt took to Twitter to post an interesting photo of Samson and Delilah, a famous betrayal story from the Old Testament of the Bible. For those unfamiliar with the story, Samson took life-long Nazarite vows in his service to the Hebrew God. One of those vows was that Samson would wear his hair long and was not allowed to cut it.

As one of the last judges to rule Israel, Samson was gifted from Heaven with god-like strength. He defeated many enemies of Israel by the strength of his hands, keeping them from being ruled by other nations. One of Samson’s weaknesses was his relationships with women, and he soon began an interesting one with a beautiful woman named Delilah. Delilah was a Philistine, an enemy to Samson’s people. During his time with her, Delilah tried multiple times to find the source of his god-like strength. Samson finally told her his secret, that it was from his long hair as a Nazarite. While sleeping, Delilah cut Samson’s hair and called the Philistines to come take Samson away. After the Philistines chained Samson to two pillars, Samson would pray to God and ask for strength one more time. God granted his prayer, allowing Samson to break the two pillars which killed the Philistines (and Samson as well).

The tweet from Bray Wyatt is an interesting one, after what happened Sunday evening at WrestleMania. Many claim that The Fiend is done with after this confusing and quick loss. For those who know the Bible story of Samson, some may wonder if The Fiend has “one more burst of strength” left for the character.

You can check out Bray’s tweet below: