Former WWE Champion CM Punk did another Twitter Q&A this afternoon and took several pro wrestling questions.

Punk had an interesting response when asked what one overused move or trope he would eliminate from wrestling if he had the chance.

“Ridiculous shocked faces after a two count with a move you never beat anyone with and shitty unsafe goofs,” he wrote.

As usual Punk received the questions about possibly going to AEW or returning to WWE. One fan asked if there’s any chance of him going to AEW and he responded, “You’re under arrest.”

Another fan asked Punk which WrestleMania match is least attractive for him, presumably referring to the card for this weekend’s WrestleMania 37 pay-per-view. Punk responded with “30” in an apparent reference to WrestleMania 30. Punk was reportedly scheduled to face Triple H at WrestleMania 30, but he walked out of the company a few months before.

Punk was also asked if he still considers himself “The Best In the World” from a wrestling standpoint. Punk responded with a reference to his recent filming for the “Heels” drama series from Starz.

“I haven’t wrestled in like, 24 hours. Hard to say,” he wrote.

Punk was also asked if there’s any country he would’ve liked to wrestle in but didn’t have the chance to. He named the continent of Africa.

Stay tuned for more from Punk. You can see his related tweets below: