Edge Reveals Why He Shot Down Ending The Undertaker’s Streak

Despite being asked, Edge refused to be the '1' in Undertaker's undefeated WrestleMania streak.

Speaking on ESPN+'s SportsNation, Edge revealed he was approached about beating Taker at WrestleMania 24, to which he "adamantly" denied.

"In the lead-up to it, I was asked, 'What do you think about ending The Streak' and I said no," Edge said. "Adamantly no. I don't think it ever should've ended until what we knew was his final WrestleMania, and then even no. I just didn't think it was right."

While the potential win would've skyrocketed the Rated R Superstar into unfathomable company, Edge emphasized that the win would mean a lot more to other wrestlers than him.

"I also didn't think at that point in my career I needed it," Edge said. "I think that that should have been saved for someone who you want to strap the rocket to and you know and you trust and is—to me, Roman Reigns was the guy to do it."

Speaking of Reigns, Edge is set to face the Tribal Chief and Daniel Bryan in the main event of WrestleMania. Besides their on-screen personalities, Edge says this match has a very special underlying layer to it.

"When I look at it, and I take Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Edge out of it, and I look at it from Adam, Joe and Bryan, and what each of us has come through to be able to be in this situation is mind-boggling," Edge said. "To me, that story is underneath, but bigger than all of it."

H/t to Wrestle Zone for the transcription.