Just before their historic match this Sunday at Rebellion, the Unified Impact World Champion Rich Swann was paid a visit tonight by the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose, who offered him some advice ahead of his marquee matchup.

Before Moose came down to the ring, Swann called out his opponent for Sunday, the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, for his classless slap during their press conference on last week’s show. Unfortunately, Omega could not make an in-ring appearance before his big showdown. He did, in fact, make time to taunt the Impact World Champion by telling him to enjoy the next three days because the landscape is going to change when he becomes the new face of Impact. After he concluded his message, that was when Moose came out.

Moose started by congratulating Swann for his winning efforts against him at Sacrifice last month, where he became the Unified Champion. Moose then proceeded to mention why he came back specifically tonight. It was because he wanted to offer some words of wisdom to Swann before his career-defining matchup.

Moose said if there’s one man he knows who can prevail over Omega, it’s none other than Swann himself.

“At Rebellion, you’re going to be going up against a man who calls himself ‘The God of Professional Wrestling.’ You should be well prepared for this match because you just faced ‘The Wrestling God,’ Moose,” Moose stated sternly. “Yeah, Kenny Omega pinned you, and you slipped one on me, but who really hurt you? Who showed you what pain really feels like? We both know the answer to that question.

“And we both know that I’m stronger than Kenny Omega. I’m bigger than Kenny Omega. I’m faster than Kenny Omega. And I’m more skilled than Kenny Omega. But Kenny does have something that I didn’t have at Sacrifice: Three stooges who would do whatever he tells them to do. So, Rich Swann, at Rebellion, good luck.”

Before leaving the ring, Moose warned Swann if he were to fail under the bright lights this Sunday, there will be some insufferable consequences. Swann promised Moose he’ll retain his Impact World Title and bring home the AEW World Champion. But he’s more excited to recreate the same ending he had with Moose just last month: a pinfall victory.

Moose, the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, went on a hiatus after Swann successfully claimed his title while retaining his Impact World Championship in the main event of Sacrifice last month.