Just one week before their Title versus Title match at Rebellion, Unified Impact World Champion Rich Swann and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega concluded this week’s Impact Wrestling with a press conference.

At first, the conference went well. The first question was how the Impact World Champion will overcome Omega in their main event match. Swann mentioned how his tough upbringing motivated him to fight guys like Omega. He promised in his statement that he’ll bring his A-Game to this match.

The second question was about the champions’ schedule post-Rebellion, and how they would work it out. AEW owner, Tony Khan, said that without a shadow of a doubt, Omega will be bringing the Unified Impact Title over to AEW. Executive Vice President of Impact, Scott D’Amore, said at the end of the day, it’s all about the fans. He believed he and Khan can cordially come together and work out a realistic schedule for the champion to go by that will make the fans happy and entertained.

Just as the third question was about to be asked, Omega and the other Executive Vice President of Impact, Don Callis, made their way to the press conference. Callis was asked how long he is going to play both sides. Callis took offense and began by saying he was the one to check on Swann when he was rehabbing his broken leg by trying to keep his spirits up. Callis said if it weren’t for him, this match between Omega and Swann wouldn’t happen. He thinks he deserves more credit than he’s given.

Next, Callis called Omega up to the podium. Omega opened his speech by saying throughout his career, he had spent many hours sitting in press conferences like the one tonight, and it just came naturally to him. He transitioned the conversation by saying he was put here on this earth to make a change. Swann, on the other hand, was put here on earth because he “Loves wrestling, and he’s going to try his little heart out every time he steps into the ring.” But looking at what’s to come next Sunday, Omega doesn’t think Swann belongs in the marquee matchup.

Omega added that when people look back on this match, Swann will be the forgotten challenger, and Omega will be the only one remembered. As he ended the conference, Omega mentioned this will be the last time he’ll be cordial to Swann. Omega stuck his hand out, and before Swann could shake it, Omega slapped him across the face. Swann jumped Omega, and security intervenes to separate the two before the show ends.

Impact’s Rebellion will air on Sunday, April 25, on Fite TV and traditional pay-per-view.

Below is the extended video from tonight’s press conference: