Former WWE star Henry Godwinn recently joined The Shining Wizards podcast. During the interview, Godwinn spoke about his relationship with Triple H. Godwinn was one of “The Game’s” first rivals in WWE and he had high praise for his old friend.

“It’s awesome with Hunter because we started out in WCW pretty much together, me him and Dennis,” Godwinn said. “And we got let go at the same time, so me and him went on up to WWF and low and behold, they teamed us up together and that was our first big thing up in WWF.

“We’ve always been close. We were on the road together a lot, through the whole Chyna thing and even with Stephanie and I love Steph. They’re just good people. But when me and Hunter hugged that night, and we were backstage talking, really, I wanted to well up. The boys always meant a lot to me. So it was a good time.”

The most famous match Godwinn had with Triple H was the Hog Pen match that took place in December of 1995. While Godwinn remembers it fondly, he’s not sure Triple H does.

“I don’t think Hunter will ever get over the hog pen match,” said Godwin. “I always tell him that I when I threw you into the gate, I scarred you for life. You got those 15 stitches so you’ll always remember me.”

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