Next week on MLW Fusion’s season finale, Myron Reed will get another shot at Lio Rush’s MLW Middleweight Championship in the main event. This will be the second time these two have duked it out for the title.

At Kings of Colosseum, Rush won the title from under Reed with his Final Hour finisher. After taking care of CONTRA Unit at Never Say Never, Reed will have an opportunity to possibly win back his former title.

On tonight’s show, Rush and Reed were set to have a press conference ahead of their marquee matchup, but it was reported that Rush did not board his plane in time to make it to the meeting. The league fined him, which could cause “The Moneyweight” to come to MLW a little lighter. Can Reed capitalize on Rush’s shortcomings, or will “The Man of the Hour” prevail over the former longest-reigning Middleweight Champion?

– Also, on next week’s card, the IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Champion Richard Holliday will return to action. The last time the champion was showcased was two weeks ago when he successfully retained against his former Dynasty Bro, Gino Medina. His opponent has not been revealed yet.

– Speaking of championships, backstage correspondent Alicia Atout broke some big news about the championship committee, who are involved in making upcoming title fights once MLW returns to Philadelphia in July. Atout reported that MLW is in talks with several big companies and their presidents including, Toru Kido from Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling and Andy Quildan from Revolution Pro Wrestling in the U.K. There is a major possibility that MLW will have more crossover shows in the coming months. This story is still developing. Stay tuned for more information.

– Tonight, CONTRA Unit core member and manager Josef Samael informed the National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone that his challenge towards Jacob Fatu and his MLW World Heavyweight Championship has been denied. This comes after “The Phoneix Powerhouse” called out the “Samoan Werewolf” for a title match last week during his press conference. Samael revealed that he is the gatekeeper and calls the shots on who Fatu puts his title up against. For now, Samael doesn’t think Hammerstone is the man to confront Fatu for a title shot, despite Hammerstone being the No. 1 contender in the heavyweight division.

– Concluding the wrap-up from tonight’s show, Hijo de LA Park unsuccessfully challenged Bu Ku Dao in a singles match, which may have cost his manager Salina de la Renta’s life. Just after Hijo-Dao’s match wrapped up, the MLW production crew caught Salina getting dragged into a car by a masked assailant. The masked man saw the crew filming him and rushed towards them. After going rogue on the Azteca Underground proprietor and boss, El Jefe, what will happen to Salina de la Renta?

Tonight’s full episode is available below: