WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns recently spoke to Jason Duaine Hahn of PEOPLE to discuss Y3T (Yoda 3 Training), a progressive exercise program popularized by bodybuilder Neil Hill. Reigns has shared his fitness progress on Instagram, but he spoke more on his goals for the future. Reigns revealed that he told Hill last year that he plans to wrestle for another 15 years.

“I told Neil when we first met over a year ago, that I want to grind it out for the next 15 years,” Reigns said. “I want to maximize my potential for the next 15 years. And I told him, ‘This is who I am, as a performer, as a talent, but I also am a father, I’m a husband. I wear all these different hats.’ And man, we’ve been on an unbelievable journey thus far.”

When Reigns made his return at SummerSlam, he has introduced a new “Tribal Chief” persona where he is the “head of the table” in the Anoa’i family. Reigns talked about how he is feeling about the character and how it connects to the audience.

“It feels good,” Reigns expressed. “There’s a lot of truth to what we put into the Tribal Chief character, the burden of the crown, of being the face of the company. I think everybody would like to be Superman, but to be able to have some of those Superman qualities, then also display the emotions, the mentality that comes into it, and the way it can affect a man. People connect to that.

“People understand the struggle, people understand these different battles, these emotional battles that my character kind of displays on a weekly basis,” he continues. “I think it allows for a different connection, and that’s why it’s been received so well.”

Reigns will defend the WWE Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan and Edge in a triple threat at Night Two of WrestleMania 37 this Sunday. As always, Wrestling Inc. will provide live coverage of the event.