Trish Stratus Talks Controversial Angle With Vince McMahon Before WrestleMania 17

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus was a guest on the latest edition of WWE's The Bump. Recently named the greatest women's wrestler in WWE history, Stratus was caught off guard.

"I was completely content with being anywhere in the top five," Stratus said. "And I for sure didn't think I was number one, because I wasn't at the forefront at the present moment. To be honest I was really shocked. They put that amazing video together and it takes you back to just reliving moments. It was very special, very emotional. I don't know; it was a weird thing because it's a list.

"Lists are so subjective. I don't know who to think; I don't know if there's an academy or something. Like where did we get this list from?"

Trish also discussed her involvement in the WrestleMania X-7 match between Vince and Shane McMahon. During the match Stratus pushed Linda McMahon, who was in a comatose state in storyline, to the ring. Stratus also slapped Vince and fought Stephanie to the back, Twenty years later Stratus still believes it was the catalyst to her career.

"As we laid it out, everything meant something," Stratus recalled. "Every little motion, from Linda standing up to my slap to Stephanie. It was super fun to watch it back.

"As a character that was a turning point for me. That was my whole 'I'm not going to take this anymore. I'm going to stand up; I'm going to believe in myself. I don't need you, I don't need a man.'"

The match is also remembered for the controversial moments involving Stratus and Vince leading up to the match. Stratus and Vince were an item in storyline leading into the match, and on an episode of RAW, Vince had Stratus strip down to her lingerie and bark like a dog. Stratus believes those angles made her turning on Vince during the match so much stronger.

"As everyone knows it was a long journey of questionable moments before that between Vince and I," Stratus said. "As a character, I knew this was the end point and it was culminating in this point.

"Everything we did, including THAT event, was worth it. It was completely worth it for the character and the evolution of the character. And it meant that much more for us to get there to that point. It was an awesome moment for me as a character."

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