Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman is back to host the latest episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast! The Wrestling Inc Daily is released Monday-Friday afternoon on all major podcast platforms. Click HERE to subscribe on iTunes.

Today’s episode features:

Kevin Kellam joining Nick to talk all the pro wrestling news from the last twenty-four hours. Including:

* Batista knocking WWE for breaking up The Hurt Business

* DX’s Nation of Domination skit being pulled from Peacock

* The Great Khali’s WWE Hall of Fame induction

* Taya Valkyrie’s impending WWE NXT debut

* AEW Dynamite’s all out faction warfare

Scott Fishman’s interview with Georgia Smith

The latest installment of The Wrestling Inc. Daily mailbag discussing who you thought had the better pro wrestling show last night: WWE NXT or AEW Dynamite

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