RAW Tag Team Titles Match: Omos and AJ Styles vs. The New Day

We go back to the stage and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E to do the intro for The New Day’s theme song. He introduces RAW Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. They come out and The New Day briefly reunites on the stage, dancing around and getting hyped up. Kofi and Xavier head to the ring as the fireworks go off above the stadium. Out next comes AJ Styles and Omos. This will be the in-ring debut of Omos, who is not wearing any kind of traditional gear.

AJ and Omos hit the ring and pose as more pyro goes off. Omos takes off his jacket and now he looks a little bit more like a wrestler. It looks like Kofi and Omos are going to start off, but The New Day wisely lures AJ in. The bell hits and Kofi goes at it with AJ. They trade counters. AJ blocks the SOS as the reversals and quick pin attempts continue. AJ grounds Kofi with a headlock now. Kofi turns it around and tosses AJ to the mat. Kofi taunts Omos now.

Woods goes wild with Francesca at ringside. AJ goes back in but Kofi dropkicks him. They run the ropes and Woods trips AJ from the floor, allowing Kofi to splash him. Woods tags in and comes in from the apron with an elbow drop. Woods grounds AJ now, keeping him away from Omos and bragging about it. Kofi tags in for the quick double team as they keep AJ in their corner. Kofi beats AJ down. Kofi stomps away with the Unicorn Stomp and Woods tags in to keep it up. Kofi tags right back in with more stomps. Woods tags back in and Kofi launches him at AJ in the corner. They continue taunting Omos as Woods covers AJ for 2.

Omos is getting angry and wants a piece of the action. Woods grounds AJ in the middle of the ring. AJ tries to make it to Omos and the tag is close but Woods stops it, taking AJ right back to the mat for a 2 count. Kofi tags in and they double team AJ with chops and kicks. Kofi bulldogs AJ for another 2 count.

AJ finally gets free and runs around the ring to run back in and tag Omos in, but Woods still cuts him off and stops him. The New Day continue to dominate AJ with offense. Kofi with another close 2 count. AJ ducks a clothesline and goes for Omos but Woods grabs him by the tights. AJ counters and tries again but Woods once again stops the tag attempt. Woods drags AJ back to their corner and Kofi tags in, flying off the top with a big splash for 2. Woods goes to the top for the double team but AJ kicks Kofi, sending him to the floor. AJ has an opening and he sees it. Omos finally gets the tag as Woods leaps off the top and misses AJ.

Omos slowly comes in staring at Woods and smiling. Woods backs up but gets ready to fight. Woods with kicks that do nothing to Omos. He calls Woods a b---h. Woods dropkicks Omos but he barely moves. Kofi encourages Woods while AJ yells at Omos. Omos drops Woods with ease. Kofi comes off the top but Omos takes him out with little effort also, calling him a weak b---h. The New Day is shocked.

Kofi runs at Omos but gets launched in the corner. Omos with a big charging elbow to Woods in the corner, then the same to Kofi in the opposite corner. Omos smiles and scoops Woods for a big backbreaker over the knee. Omos holds Woods over his knee and bends him. Omos picks Kofi up with one arm and drops him over the knee.

AJ leaps onto Omos’ shoulders and then off with a big Phenomenal Forearm to take Woods back out, sending him to the floor. Kofi is alone with Omos now and he’s dazed. Omos nails a huge slam in the middle of the ring. Omos then puts one foot on Kofi in the middle of the ring for the pin to win the titles.

Winner and New RAW Tag Team Champions: Omos and AJ Styles

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