Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Viewing Party. Tonight’s show comes from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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The 2021 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony opens up with a Hall of Fame video package. We open up on Peacock and the WWE Network, live on a tape delay from the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida as the virtual crowd cheers. Corey Graves and Kayla Braxton are introduced as the hosts.

Graves and Braxton send us to a video package on former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam. Kayla introduces RVD and out he comes to a big “RVD!” chant from the virtual crowd. RVD says this is amazing, a complete circle of life that he’s experiencing right now. He recalls how 30 years ago he finished up in USWA in Memphis, and drove to the hotbed of professional wrestling that was Tampa. He had about $100 in his pocket and drove down in a Ford Mustang that was barely moving, with a stolen registration on the tag. RVD says the reason he’s being inducted is because of the response fans have had for him. It’s because of the fans he wanted to get into wrestling because he was a fan. RVD recalls how he had an autograph signing the day after his father passed away. He was thinking should he do the signing or go him to be with his family. He went to the signing and chose not to tell anyone about his father, he just tapped into their positive energy and felt so much love, so much excitement, that it got him through and helped bail him out of the hole he was in. Looking back he sees the energy exchange is a two-way street. He’s tickled to death to think somehow he could help someone’s life. RVD says it’s a tremendous honor to be inducted into the Hall, and to go in with this prestigious group that influenced him. He hopes that when people think about RVD and his journey, he hopes they think abut individuality. He goes on about how life is all about choices, people tried changing him because he was different but he stuck to his guns and just kept going. He has so many people to thank but starts with his parents for letting him follow his dreams. He thanks many others, including The Sheik and Sabu. He also gives big thanks to the fans and says he doesn’t know a better high than standing on the top rope preparing for the Five Star Frogsplash and seeing the fans. He jokes that he would know of a better high. He says this induction is a victory for all of us. If he would he’d thank every fan individually but he can’t. He thanks the WWE Universe and a “RVD!” chant starts back up. He says it’s because of the fans that he calls himself The Whole Damn Show, RVD. He ends the speech with the thumb point as the music starts back up and the “RVD!” chant continues.

Back from a break and Alyse Ashton is backstage on the red carpet with SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. She’s most looking forward to seeing Molly Holly’s induction tonight. She talks about watching Molly and being influenced by her. Greg Hamilton is with WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E. He’s also excited to see Molly’s induction. He goes on about how Molly is deserving. Hamilton wishes him good luck for WrestleMania 37 and Big E awkwardly shakes his hand while laughing. Alyse is with Carmella now. She also talks about being inspired by Molly.

We go back to Graves and Braxton. They send us to a video package on Molly Holly to welcome her into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021. Kayla then introduces Molly and out she comes.

Holly thanks everyone for this honor. She says only two people have had their head shaved at WrestleMania – the most influential person to enter a ring, the other Vince McMahon. The crowd pops. She says WWE brings entertainment but that wouldn’t be possible without the crew. She knew from day one that the crew were her people. She goes on about how they helped her at various times. She names several WWE crew members and then thanks the fans. She says the fans chose to overlook her shortcomings, to forgive her moments of selfishness, and to focus on her good qualities, lifting her up, cheering her and believing her, and for that she is eternally grateful. Molly gives thanks again to end the speech as her music hits and she waves goodbye.

Back from a break and Greg is on the red carpet with The Street Profits. They mention RVD and joke about getting red eyes later on. Alyse is with Rey Mysterio. He talks about his history in the ring with Kane. Dominik Mysterio is also there, and he’s always been a big RVD fan. He collected all of the RVD action figures and also all of the Kane figures. He remembers being in the crowd and hating Kane’s pyro because it freaked him out. Rey says to this day Dominik still gets freaked out by pyro.

We go back to Graves and Braxton on the stage. They send us to a video package to welcome The Great Khali into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021. The video also shows how Khali is helping the next generation of wrestlers in India. Kayla then welcomes Khali, who joins us virtually from India. Khali talks about being excited for the induction, and says for some reason he can’t be with all of us today for the ceremony. He goes on and thanks everyone for supporting him. He shows off the Hall of Fame ring to end the speech as the music hits.

Back from a break and Greg is with Ranjin Singh (WWE writer Dave Kapoor) on the red carpet. Singh briefly talks about Khali being an inspiration to people around the world, not just in India. Alyse is with Bianca Belair on the red carpet. Belair also talks about being inspired by Molly.

Graves and Braxton send us to a video package on music legend Ozzy Osbourne to welcome him into the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021. Graves welcomes Ozzy via pre-recorded video. He thanks WWE for the amazing award and says he doesn’t deserve it. Ozzy says it’s all about the fans really, as they keep us alive. He thanks Vince McMahon and Triple H, and says God bless everyone.

Back from a break and Graves congratulates Ozzy again. He and Braxton send us to a video package on the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021 Legacy Wing inductees – Dick The Bruiser, Pez Whatley, Buzz Sawyer, Ethel Johnson, and Paul Boesch.

Back from another break and Graves sends us to a video package to welcome Eric Bischoff into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021. We come back and Braxton introduces Bischoff, who comes out to a big reaction from the pre-recorded virtual crowd. Bischoff says this is truly amazing but he’s going to get right into it, and not waste a lot of time because he was told he only has 3 minutes for this speech. In a reference to a 2002 RAW segment with Three Minute Warning and Billy & Chuck, Bischoff then says, “Wait a minute, did I just hear myself say 3 minutes?” and points up at the sky in a tribute to Rosey and Umaga. Bischoff goes on about his career, calling it an amazing road trip he’s been on. It’s happened because he’s had the privilege of standing on the shoulders of the giants who came before him. He thanks those giants – the people that have taken this industry we love from what was once a traveling circus or a sideshow in the circus, to one of the most powerful forms of entertainment anywhere in the world. Bischoff calls it an uniquely American art form, and it’s those giants we have to thank. Bischoff wants to thank each and every person, from the bottom of his heart, no matter where you’re at, thank you for joining him for this road trip, this journey. He says it’s been one hell of a ride and the best is still to come. Bischoff gives thanks again and that’s it for his speech. The music starts up and fans cheer him on as he shows off his ring.

Back from the break and Seth Rollins is on the red carpet with Alyse. Rollins has big praise for Bischoff. Kevin is backstage with Kevin Owens. He says growing up he hated WCW because he was all for WWE so he hated Bischoff, but flipped out when he first saw Bischoff show up on WWE TV. He goes on and says Bischoff obviously deserves the honor and after working with Bischoff in WWE, he’s one of his favorite people to be around. King Baron Corbin is backstage with Alyse now. He also talks about how Bischoff influenced an entire era of wrestling.

We go back to Braxton and Graves. They send us to a video package for the Warrior Award recipient of the WWE Hall of Fame 2021 Class – longtime employee Rich Hering. The video has footage of Vince, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon surprising Rich with the news while backstage at a recent taping. The video shows how Rich started out with Vince McMahon Sr., and how he was instrumental bringing pro wrestling into the sports entertainment era. We also see how he presided over weddings as a court judge, including the wedding of WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. The video also shows how Rich helped Warrior’s family get through tough times after his passing. He remains close to the family today. Dana Warrior speaks in the video and gets emotional when thanking him. Rich is known as the problem solver in WWE. Honest, loyal, tough as nails, and above all – respected. Indiana Warrior and Mattigan Warrior also speaks and thank Uncle Rich.

Graves says it is honor to welcome Rich to the stage. Out he comes to accept the Warrior Award. Rich thanks everyone and wishes the Warrior family was here to help celebrate. He says it means a lot to him personally because of who and what it represents. He will always be grateful for this honor. Rich thanks the WWE Superstars he’s worked with for the past 51 years now, for helping transform a regional sport to a worldwide phenomenon. He thanks the hundreds of WWE employees who make the business happen every day and says they are without a doubt the unsung Warriors. Rich thanks everyone again from the bottom of his heart. He raises the Warrior Award and is cheered as the music starts back up.

Back from a break and WWE Hall of Famer Edge is with Hamilton. Edge talks about knowing how all this feels. He’s excited to see Molly get her props and have everyone see what kind of person she is. He also names Bischoff and Kane, noting that the man behind Kane, Glenn Jacobs, is one of his best friends. He says if there’s one person who really deserves to go into the Hall of Fame, it’s Kane. Bayley is with Alyse now. She talks about Kane and how special it was to watch him because Kane was her brother’s favorite wrestler. Bayley gives Kane a shout-out from her brother Jeremy and says to text him or something. She also comments on how fun it was to watch Kane and Daniel Bryan.

We go back to Graves and Braxton on the stage. They send us to a video package to welcome Kane into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021. Kayla now welcomes Kane to the stage and out he comes to the loudest pop. The Kane mask is in a glass case on the podium.

Kane thanks everyone and says this is the greatest honor of his career. Standing here he’s had the same thought he had any times in his career – what the hell am I doing here? Kane says he’s a farm boy from Missouri and there’s nothing special about him, except maybe his size. He says he’s always been surrounded by good people, starting with his parents, who have always been his biggest fans. He talks about his daughters and wife, and how he regrets missing special moments with them while working. He and his wife have been together for 26 years and he’s had some great tag team partners over the years but none hold a candle to the one he’s had outside of the ring. He jokes about not dragging this speech on because he’s sat through enough of them to know how they can go. He thanks people who made impressions on him early in hiss career, including Dutch Mantel, and jokingly apologizes to Jim Ross for setting him on fire. Kane gives praise to the people behind-the-scenes, names we’ll never hear, the people who got him here. He thanks some of those people, others from Talent Relations, and the people who make WWE go night in and night out. He also thanks the TV production people for being the best in the world.

Kane then thanks his brothers and sisters who put on tights and laced up boots. It was an honor to perform with them. He praises them as the best entertainers in the world, who put smiles on faces and make the world better. He then thanks Kane’s family – brother The Undertaker and father, WWE Hall of Famer Paul Bearer. Kane recalls how his first match with Taker actually came in 1995 before signing with WWE. The Undertaker with Paul Bearer defeated Unabomb with Al Snow that night, the first of many Tombstones to drop Kane on his head. Kane goes on about Taker and says their saga is the greatest story WWE has ever told. Kane goes on and says now that he’s had time to reflect, he realizes how exceptional his WWE journey was, and it wasn’t possible without the fans. Kane says people thank him for entertaining him all the time, but no, he thanks the fans, and thanks them for making Kane one of the most memorable characters. Kane mentions Knox County, TN as the best place in the world to live, work and raise a family, and says if a farm boy like him can achieve what he has, then imagine what you can do. Glenn would like to leave us with that, and Kane would like to leave us with this… he backs up and does the signature Kane pose to make the pyro explode. Kane thanks everyone as the music hits and the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony goes off the air.